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    Nov 2006

    i'm buying a car and i need to know which is more it nissan series 3 Ex-Saloon (97 model) or Nissan LEC (2000 model)?? Please help me guys to decide this week. I need to buy the car on sunday nov 12.


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    Oct 2006
    This is similar to my dilemna 5 years ago. But in my case, im choosing between ex-saloon and LEC (both series 2). At the end, i choosed ex-saloon over LEC models, its better features and bigger engine made up my decision...just me.

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    Oct 2006
    97 ex saloon is good, my personal choice though is the series 2 body. however with regards to the "LEC 2000" well im not even certain if we have production of LEC here in RP beyond 1999 ...things you need to consider is the model that appeals more to you, then also prequalify the age of the car based on your standards, then of course it all boils down to the price and condition of the car being offered

    im not a nissan expert myself, but i also have nissan inquiries and later got this advice from one of our fellow tsikoteers, perhaps this could help you too... try checking the guys at , theyre a different community but its a straight path for nissan enthusiasts,

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    Nov 2006
    thanx for ur reply. actually i juz received a txt about the 2 nissan cars which are available for me to buy, but i haven't see them personally (but i have already scheduled a date 4 me to view them). It was only thru txt that i've learned that nissan lec is 2000 model. Ur replies are very helpful & i'm still hoping 4 some additional info.

    thanx again!!!

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    Aug 2004
    Sell out year ng LEC Taxi bodies yung 99, I think, but maybe it's a late 99 registered 00.

    I prefer the EX, but it's better that you see the condition of the two cars before you decide. If neither are to your liking, don't rush, just wait for a secondhand you do like.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Nissan Series 3 Ex Saloon (97 model) OR Nissan LEC (2000 model) ???