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    Oct 2006
    Hi! I would like to know where can i buy parts for this car model. Like Cylinder head and bearings..SR235408A
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    Aug 2004
    That's an SR20DE, the 235408A is the serial number of the engine.

    Cylinder head, you might have a hard time. Most surplus shops carry cylinder heads for the earlier SR20DEs that have distributors. I believe the engine in the current Serena is distributorless (you can tell by looking for the black plastic cap on the side of the engine carrying ignition wires... if you have none... sorry).

    The rest, bearings, pistons, etcetera, you can find easily at one of the numerous shops in Banaue that carry original Nissan parts.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    ditto on what niky mentioned... the best is to bring the parts along for some mix and matching. One shop that carries Nissan parts in Banawe is Rick Lim's Surplus near Kitinlad St but you should talk to Rick Lim himself and not his kapatid or personnel (madali kausap si Rick Lim).

    There's also a Nissan spare parts shop along E. Rod approaching Araneta Ave, the name is JAISI. Try checking that out as well.

    Compare prices with the CASA also as sometimes parts prices aren't really that far off.

Nissan Serena SR20