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    Oct 2002
    i was wondering if there has been a recent release for the nissan sentra.....

    i was looking for stuff over the net but i couldnt find anything on the philippine market for the 2004 nissan sentra. when was the last time they released the newest model?

    if you could provide links or pictures it would be a great help. thanks :D

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    Feb 2004
    Yes , I think Nissan launched their latest Sentra late last year or early this year.

    Why not just visit one of the Nissan showroom to get a closer look? or if youre from overseas, i think you can try visiting the Taiwan website too since I think we have the same model

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    Oct 2002
    ito ang latest model ng sentra dito:


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    Jan 1970
    sentra . . . and its no longer called exalta.
    in my opinion, the older N16 is much sportier lookin'.

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    Apr 2004
    Yep. I prefer the previous N16 too as far as looks are concerned.
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    Aug 2003

    mas gusto ko pa rin ung 1st gen exalta

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    Jun 2004
    Any general comments with current Nissan Sentra series?

    I'm planning to buy Sentra 1.3 GX A/T for 623K, is this good enough?

    Seems people here dont like Nissan Sentra, hope not true.


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    Nov 2002
    this gen of sentra and the previous one (only restyled the front and back end)it replaced has the most cramped legroom in its class, when i went to the showroom i adjusted the front seat to my liking and transferred to the back seat, and hindi ako kasya, my legs wouldnt fit and im just 5'10"... the city / jazz..even the aveo beats the legroom on this car ..but if you really want a sentra, just get the previous 2002/03 top of the line model with sunroof or vcd and 1.6 engine a/t with enough change (due to the poor resale value) and get mags/tires and gas ..

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    Aug 2004
    The one thing the newest Sentra has going for it is very good interior comfort for the driver...

    I don't understand how Nissan could've made this car almost 100kg heavier and SMALLER inside than the previous model... weird.

    You might also want to check out the 180GT... America's cleanest car a few years back, certified SULEV... and it has decent power and economy.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    I like Nissans in general. But i like driving nice-looking cars.... unfortunately, the latest sentra, for me, has zero *** appeal.

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