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    Jan 2004
    What modifications have you done with your MK?

    I'm planning to slap 31's hoping to put 32's but I doubt if it would fit...

    I'm planning to do a spoa soon...and keep a spare 33 MT's just in case

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    Jun 2004
    hi kamote

    i dont think you need to make any modifications if you plan to use 31 tires. people have told me that you can go up to 32 but u will notice that your patrol will be a bit slower and this size is harder to find. if you plan to go 33 with your mq, it will need a suspension or body lift of at least 2 inches. because the tires will hit your fender. so i suggest you stick it out with 31.

    another thing. make sure your spare tire is the same size as the tires your using. it may look good to see a big spare but when you need it. u can suffer espensive damage to your defferencials if you use tire of different sizes for a long distanc.


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    Jun 2004
    only modification to my patrol is the ome shocks and springs which were already installed when i bought it last year.

for Mintoy