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    Jun 2004
    Guys, need your comments on the cefiro. Is this a good car? What is its typical gas mileage? How is the gas consumption compared to other luxury sedans? Performance? Comfort? Are the parts easy to break? Expensive?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Oct 2002
    Used to have one until recently... no major problems outside of the usual wear and tear parts (suspension replacement parts like 555 brand and KYB shocks are reasonable). Comfort and space is good.

    Fuel consumption for our A/T Elite model was at the 5.5-7km/L range depending on how bad the traffic is (and your driving style). The car also requires at least 95 octane fuel (to avoid tope).

    Things to look out for:
    - engine leaks (may need new gaskets na)
    - erratic idling

    Ours was OK to maintain as we had no major problems but i do think na mabigat sa bulsa compared to say, a Toyota Corona if the car will have a major repair.
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