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    2012 Nissan Urvan/Caravan/NV350

    Engine: YD25DDTi
    129ps. 356Nm, 27ps and almost 100NM more than the Toyota Hiace.

    Modern take of the veteran Urvan. Towards a head on with the Hiace Van

    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. June 15, was released "NV350 Caravan" number four light commercial vehicles.

    The new caravan and fifth generation, the name of "NV350" represented by the given 3.5t (gross vehicle weight) rating Van / Car new Nissan. Grade consists of two premium grade of DX GX / GX senior grade, standard grade, the van (people power 5) "DX (3-square-passenger people / 6 people / 9 squared)" "premium GX broadly divided into" , line up the wagon "" DX (human 10 ^) "" GX (10 seater).

    The van is provided car 2WD (FR) / 4WD, DX 2WD car is long body + standard roof, 4WD vehicles to line up a super long high roof body + body + long standard in addition to the roof. GX is the only premium standard long body + in both the car roof 2WD/4WD.

    Drive system is both 2WD Wagon DX, GX, DX is a long body standard roof +, GX is a combination of body + super long high roof.

    Chara NV350 Premium Bambang GX (2WD gasoline). Body color is brown Tiger Eye of special paint color. Equipped with a LED position lamps, such as bi-xenon headlamps and the optional

    NV350 Bambang character DX (2WD gasoline) NV350 premium character Bambang GX (2WD gasoline)
    ■ Equipped with a newly developed clean diesel engine
    Say a small market of cab-over van, but was in a state of oligopoly Hiace and caravans so far, has been dwindling in recent years and the share of the caravan. "We cited, in a caravan the new order that" (there is no variation of the car wide body) is lack of "variation" fuel economy "" length "styling, exterior design" as the reason of the cargo "low fuel consumption the top of its class" has been developed focusing on the "advanced features not found in traditional commercial vehicle" "cargo space and ease of use" wide "design with a strong presence as imposing".

    For fuel economy first. Gasoline vehicle is equipped with a DOHC 2.5-liter "QR25DE" inline four-cylinder but as usual with the DOHC 2 liter "QR20DE" inline four-cylinder, diesel engine from the DOHC 3 liter "ZD30DDTi" four-cylinder series so far, DOHC inline four-cylinder adopt a clean diesel engine "YD25DDTi" development of new 2.5-liter. In addition to combining the 5-speed AT transmission on all models, vehicles equipped with QR20DE/YD25DDTi to line-up 5-speed MT.

    YD25DDTi, while downsizing from traditional ZD30DDTi, while keeping the same maximum output, maximum torque with respect to what was successful in improving 91Nm (9.3kgm).

    More specifically, for achieving a balance of maximum output with maximum torque to suppress the generation of soot generation and to suppress the sound of diesel knock (PM) "(200bar pressure injection) common-rail fuel injection system" NOx, soot cooling "variable nozzle turbocharger electronic control", the exhaust gas, lowering the combustion temperature into the combustion chamber (exhaust gas recirculation), to suppress the generation of NOx "EGR cooler with bypass mechanism", a large amount of precious metal EGR made it possible to exhaust gas purification and stable reduction of the amount, stored adsorption and soot that caused the first adopted "lean NOx trap catalyst (LNT)", by combustion, more than 99% as higher temperatures the temperature of the body in the X-TRAIL such as technology is incorporated to handle the soot "(DPF) Diesel particulate filter rate", along with the Heisei 27 fiscal year to achieve the fuel economy standards, conform to the regulations (new long-term post), 2009.

    Through these measures, JC08 mode fuel efficiency cars equipped with YD25DDTi in 2WD (AT 5-speed), achieved 12.2km / L and 39% improvement compared with its predecessor caravan (AT-speed 2WD / 4). That you are 9.9km / L of 9% improvement (AT-speed 2WD / 5) Caravan is also the predecessor (AT-speed 2WD / 5) QR20DE of gasoline-powered cars.

    Clean diesel engine "YD25DDTi" newly developed DOHC 2 liter "QR20DE" four-cylinder series
    ■ Specifications of the new engine caravan
    DOHC 2.0-liter "QR20DE" DOHC 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder "QR25DE" DOHC 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder "YD25DDTi" inline four-cylinder engine type
    Cylinder (bore stroke) 89.0mm 100.0mm 89.0mm 100.0mm 89.0mm 80.3mm
    2488cc 2488cc 1998cc displacement volume
    9.5 15 9.7 compression ratio
    95kW (129PS) / 3200rpm 108kW (147PS) / 5600rpm 96kW (130PS) / 5600rpm maximum output
    Maximum torque of 356Nm (36.3kgm) / 1400-2000rpm 213Nm (21.7kgm) / 4400rpm 178Nm (18.1kgm) / 4400rpm
    Electronic fuel supply system (common rail, 200bar) Nissan EGI (ECCS) Nissan EGI (ECCS)
    Regular unleaded gasoline diesel fuel use regular unleaded gasoline

    ■ extend the wheel base from predecessor
    The exterior is to shorten the front overhang 140mm from its predecessor, addressed to the extension of its short wheelbase minutes. Body size is 4695 1695 1990mm (height width length), 2555mm wheelbase standard roof specification Long body + of Van / Wagon. Super long high roof of the van body + specification / wagon (same) 5080 1695 2285mm, wheelbase 2940mm.

    In terms of design as well aim the front mask with a strong presence, which adopted the head lamp angled strap grill chrome three-dimensional, sharp, abolition of, hid in the glass the C-pillar drip channel of the roof side (placed in the rain) that have to design and clean finish.

    In addition, the body color other white, silver, gray, black, white pearl, Aurora Mauve (Purple), were exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show last year's further "fishing canoe version" paint color as a special (optional for GX / DX) to line up the Tiger Eye Brown adopted, as newly developed for the new caravan.

    In addition, in order to reduce the stress of driving when driving at night, you set option on all models and bi-xenon headlamps LED position lamps.

    ■ key size
    2WD/4WD Roof Van Van Long Super Long Body + body + standard high roof vehicle roof wagon 2WD/4WD standard long body + (2WD) BODY + super long high roof wagon (2WD)
    4 3 3 1 license plate number
    4695 1695 Length Width Height 1990mm 5080 1695 2285mm 4695 1695 1990mm 5080 1695 2285mm
    Wheelbase 2555mm 2940mm 2555mm 2940mm
    1475mm, 4WD:: 1470/1450mm 2WD: 1475mm, 4WD: 1470/1450mm 1475mm 1475mm 2WD front / rear tread
    Minimum ground clearance 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm
    Floor height 625mm (770mm) 625mm (770mm) 625mm 625mm
    5.2m, 4WD:: 2WD minimum turning radius of 5.7m 2WD: 5.9m, 4WD: 6.4m 5.2m 5.9m

    ■ length is 3050mm luggage room at the top of its class
    In the interior has adopted a horizontal tone instrument panel and two-tone black and gray color coordination. Gives the decorative plating and silver-colored shift knob fits steering finisher, the instrument panel, air conditioning dial, door handles, metering, to the vent grill, a greater sense of senior.

    In addition, the luggage room is 250mm compared to its predecessor growth, and secured 3050mm (premium-passenger van GX / 5) at the top of its class. According to Mr. Norihiko Yagi Group Chief Product Specialist, planning and product strategy Division LCV was involved in the development, when moving to a former model from generation to generation destination ", is 2800mm Most people. Was and 2800mm shorten the chief load 200mm was satisfactory, and said, "certainly had a person may also Hiace was to ensure 3000mm, felt uneasy about turning off the 3000mm, in a caravan the new the 3000mm of the Hiace from the reflection that has secured the chief load of more than 3050mm.

    Equipment for surface, and, the parking brake foot center can hold large amounts of (car AT), the intelligent key and push A4 notebook PC of engine starter are not the traditional commercial vehicles (standard on Premium Edition GX / wagon GX) with console box (with armrest), the 5:5 split rear seats folding bench seat.

    In addition, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, cruising distance, time, distance traveled moment, built-in color display vehicle information can be displayed in the center instrument panel warning the door opening. Same display, when laden with luggage to luggage room, can also be used as a convenient back-view monitor.

    In addition, the luggage room is equipped with standard van, "utility side luggage nut" can be fixed easily, such as tool and storage racks.

    In the interior is equipped with a 5:5 split folding bench seat, such as center console box (car AT), with armrest features an intelligent key and push the engine starter is not a conventional commercial vehicles, the parking brake pedal, the rear seat

    Standard on the van, "utility side luggage nut" can be fixed easily, such as tool and storage racks. The same nut, a total of 24 in Long, will be provided a total of 30 in the super long. In addition, the luggage room is 250mm compared to growth predecessor, was secured at the top of its class 3050mm

    For color displays, vehicle fuel consumption information, average fuel consumption, cruising distance possible moment
    Distance, time, distance traveled, you can check the open door warning

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    Any crash test ratings?

    Looks nice... I wonder how long it will take to reach our shores and how much as we are pondering on replacing the Hiace Grandia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    Any crash test ratings?

    Looks nice... I wonder how long it will take to reach our shores and how much as we are pondering on replacing the Hiace Grandia.
    I'll try to squeeze more info, it is launched just today.

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    with all the added features i'm sure when it becomes available in the philippines the price increase will be ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foresterx View Post
    with all the added features i'm sure when it becomes available in the philippines the price increase will be ridiculous.
    If ever this gets here ;) I think with the current NMPI marketing people, this could get here as fast as Toyota could come up with another generation of all new Hiace. Lol

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    btw, that variant I posted is just the equivalent for the base Hiace Commuter. There is an even grander variant to go head on with the Grandia GL and Super Grandia variants (high roofed).

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    I want an ambulance version. Hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    I want an ambulance version. Hehe.
    Pero makina... 1st gen Patrol na 3.0 :D

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    here's their welfare version, eto palang meron sir

    includes lifter mechanism for the wheelchair.

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