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    Sep 2005
    For posting an article in the forums, always include:
    • Title
    • Author (if available)
    • Date and Time (e.g. news articles)
    • and most importantly: the SOURCE (web address)

    Quote the entire article by using the Quote command:

    Usage: [quote]Article[/quote]
    Example Usage: [quote]The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.[/quote]
    Example Output:
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
    Click for vBCode command list

    Effective immediately. Posts/Threads created not in compliance with this will be DELETED, with or without notification and will be issued an infraction.

    Again, please take time to read the Tsikot Rules and Regulations.

    Questions? Clarifications? Violent Reactions? Please direct your queries here:


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    Oct 2002
    Tsikoteers, this is to give credit din sa pinagkukunan natin ng articles... the best thing is to quote it para other readers would know that you are sharing something interesing na galing sa ibang resources.

    lyrics, poems part of a news etc,, enclose na lang natin sa quote... as long na hindi tayo ang direct author na content na ipopost natin sa forums

    Thanks tsikoteers

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    Sep 2005
    Should your post expire for editing, click on the Report button on the upper right corner of your post, then indicate what needs to be edited. The button looks like this:


Posting Articles (e.g. copy and paste material)