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    Jul 2013
    Been seeing a lot of articles against this recently...

    6 Reasons protective dividers pose a risk to pillion riders | TopGear PH


    I think it's easier to require helmets that covers the entire face of the back rider...

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    Jan 2009
    I admire their resolve, but it's a bad idea.

    Balancing on two wheels with a pinion rider is one thing... and then having to deal with air turbulence caused by that "sail" is another.

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    Jul 2013
    COVID-19 task force OKs 2 motorcycle barriers |

    The other was a prototype by Angkas chief transport advocate George Royeca where the driver would wear the barrier like a backpack.

    Instead of being secured to the motorcycle foot pegs, the Angkas shield, which weighs a kilo is worn by the driver and “designed for road safety [and] would minimize viral transmission.”

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    Mar 2006
    i wonder how (bad?) that'll affect the aerodynamics of the bike, the driver, and the passenger .
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    Feb 2014

    very stupid. a flat plate creates turbulence and vortices at the back. not going to protect the back rider i.e. USELESS

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    Oct 2002
    kung ang allowed ay magasawa, bf/gf then why the need for the barrier?

    sa angkas, pwede pa. parang walang ganyan sa ibang asian countries

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    Jan 2009
    Vodka beat me to it.... I was going to raise the issue on aerodynamics.

    The turbulence caused would allow the air coming from the driver in front to circle back the the pinion passenger.

    Ever ridden in the back of a closed van with the rear doors open? How did you like the smoke from the exhaust? :D Same principle.

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    Jul 2013

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    Nov 2005
    bakit di nalang mag suot ng ganito

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    Jul 2008
    Maybe sealed helmets with separate check valves for the intake and exhaust for both rider and passenger is better. You can pipe the exhaust away from the intake check valves.

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