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    Jul 2011
    Anyone owns here Suzuki GSX-R/S 150 here.

    Share your inputs here, i own GSX S-150 Blue with utility box installed.

    Its almost 3500 on the odometer. Nice to drive and good handling.

    Just applied ceramic coating for lasting glossiness.

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    Jan 2020
    Pretty much the title, I was on a 2015 Rebel 250 and we were doing emergency stops when my front wheel locked up and I went down. I felt so bad but the instructors were so encouraging and would not let me quit on that note, especially after I've been doing really well for my first time. I'm okay other than a slightly bruised leg. Never thought I'd be that person at the course who drops the bike but here I am. No major injuries other than my pride but that barely existed due to it being my first day on a motorcycle.

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    Apr 2019
    I have test-driven the GSX-R 150 and I liked it. Plus, it looks good! I like this better than the KTM RC390 when I test-driven in slow maneuvers.

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    Feb 2012
    Before I settled for the Kawasaki Ninja 250, this was one of my first choice in the 150cc segment. Mas comfortable as compared sa Yamaha R15 at di rin pahuhuli sa porma. It's just to lessen the upgrade itch I decided to go with 250cc as my beginner bike.

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