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    Aug 2005
    I'm sure a lot of folks know about Genki Car Spa, the one attached to Taza Cafe in between Maria Clara and Nicanor Roxas in QC.

    I've had our vehicles serviced there regularly while availing of their other value added amenities like the cafe and the spa.

    Tonight, however, was a little bit out of the usual. I brought my new Genesis Coupe in for a wash and agreed to be upsold to an application of "sealant". Parked the car in a bay and gave my keys.

    My girlfriend and I proceeded to the spa upstairs for a massage hoping for this to be done by the time we get out.

    About twenty minutes into the massage they send a male attendant into the couples room to vaguely explain that they have a problem with the fact that watermarks appeared and would require an upgrade of service.

    Being suspicious of this I inquired further, to which the attendant was obviously without any answer. I said that any reasonably good washing should be able to remove these any way and I asked how much would it take to have this "tristip" treatment done. He couldn't tell me.

    So I told him that I found it odd that a car wash has problems with water stains on a new car. He retreated.

    A few minutes later, he barges in again and tells me that its a "three step treatment" that they are recommending without any price or indication of how long it would take.

    I ended up shooing him off as its already getting awkward, obtrusive, and it really isn't a particularly good situation to upsell a service.

    Of course after that massage, I hurry down and lo and behold there's my vehicle, just washed and nothing more.

    It appears that this particular car wash was stumped by water stains, and couldn't be bothered to tell me that they would just stop then and there.

    Mind you, this isn't the first time I've brought a brand new car and in a far less dirty condition to Genki Spa.

    What was bewildering was all the ass-covering I had to deal with from the supervisor who couldn't move in the direction of serving the customer. First since you took the impetus to trouble, -ney bother the customer in their private room in the spa, you could have at least provided complete information about what you needed to do. Second, if ever you couldn't make a move, he could have set a simple expectation that they will wait for my decision before proceeding. Third, the whole line "sa amin i-cha-charge"
    if any protest came from the customer would indicate that service isn't the priority as ass-covering is.

    The manager, an elderly Chinese gentleman named Steven, eventually came out to see the situation but seemingly ended up just trying to patronize us. I informed him that I've been a long time customer of the establishment and that I found it ironic that a car wash has problems with water stains. Notwithstanding that, after giving them added business by availing of their facilities, we found ourselves not only disrupted, but in a rather precarious position of being pushed to decide over a matter we couldn't assess. Nothing else at that point seemed to be indicative of good faith as it would be utterly ludicrous to upsell your customers a service in your car wash when they are having a massage in their private room at the spa.

    At the end of the day he tried to placate us by saying he would charge his personnel for the car wash he was comping us. But we insisted that it wasn't the employees' fault for failing to assess the situation and providing proper guidance, and that they shouldn't be charged. They've clearly been trained to be afraid of penalty instead of taking the initiative to make their customers happy.

    We shook his hand and left, having an otherwise pleasant evening disturbed, and our long term impression of the establishment tarnished.

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    Aug 2005
    Update: I've got swirls on my paint finish. Sigh. Big Bert's here I come.

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    Jun 2007
    This "detailing" shop was brought up on one of the detail EBs. Hindi daw maganda service nila.

    how bad are the swirl marks?

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    Aug 2005
    Its a brand new car, 2 weeks old. First wash, its pretty evident.

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by EVO-V View Post
    Its a brand new car, 2 weeks old. First wash, its pretty evident.
    ouch. Thanks for this heads-up sir. Tama kayo, Big Bert's nalang. or if you have the time, you can DIY it

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    Dec 2003
    Actually, the amenities of that place - the coffee shop, the late hours - are the only saving grace.

    The service itself, the reason you are there in the first place, is at par with kanto carwashes reserved for taxis.

    A brand new GC? There are better carwashes and better spas. Never return there.

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    Oct 2009
    i also liked their working hours. but feeling ko hindi nila malinis yung auto ng mabuti at night because kulang sila sa ilaw.

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    Sep 2010
    Share ko lang

    Just had may car wash dito sa Genki early this morning, Naka park ako waiting for may turn then suddenly nag sigawan yung mga tao dun, Inatrasan na pala nung supervisor ata dun yung Subic Trooper ko. Walang tama yung Trooper ko since bakal talaga front bumper nun.

    Yung owner nung Camry talaga malaki sobra yung dent sa rear bumper niya. I feel for the owner since bago pa yung White na Camry niya, wala pa nga plaka e.

    Napamura talaga yung owner. Wala na talaga magawa e. May sign pa dun sa counter na hindi sagutin ng Genki kung pinayagan ng owner na i drive ng carwash boy nila yung sasakyan sakali man may aksidente.

    -1 nanaman dito sa Genki. Ok sana service nila Imho pero parang lagi disarray dito lalo na pag madaming customer.

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    Oct 2002
    ok lang ang coffe shop and the spa, added value, but honestly, the wash boys as well as their attendants are not knowledgeable on the proper procedures in washing, evident naman po sa mga ginagamit nila na cleaning materials. ok lang minsan sa gabi mag hangout kasi pretty girls sometimes are there. othing beats detialing your own car on a sunday morning. i feel the boys in shell retiro do a better job.

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    Jul 2010
    grabeh ang galing mo mag-english evo-v

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