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    Jul 2003
    ano ang difference ng Magic Black vs. Super Black ng Titanium ano yung mas heat resistant dito.

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    Oct 2002
    The Super Black is.

    Make sure that you don't use this for your front windshield (and the driver's side) and this can cause a dramatic reduction in visibility especially at night.

    Even the Magic Black is already a bit too dark for my taste and reduces visibility by a LOT compared to non-tinted windows.

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    Nov 2007
    mas mataas ang heat resistance ng 3m crystalline

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    Apr 2009
    walang laban ang clear tint, kahit anong brand, sa reflective tint, mapa 3M, Llumar, Platinum at iba pa. One way tint or neutral tint will always have higher heat rejection. Ang lamang lang ng 3M Crystaline ay clear siya. minsan gusto kasi natin yung parang walang tint tayo pero nakakamenos pa rin ng init. Duon papasok ang Vkool at 3M Crystaline

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    Jul 2009
    mag kano kya aabuting mag pa 3m crystaline for f150 pasenger side, driver side and windshield lang?

Titanium Tint?