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    Aug 2012
    Good afternoon mga sirs. I just got my ford ranger wildtrak 3.2L last week and I'm planning to make it more cool. So I thought that replacing the front grille into a raptor grille would be nice. So I kept searching this on Banawe knowing that Banawe is famous for car accessories but I they told me they had this one. It costs only 5000+. I felt weird kase sa ford Alabag nasa 27k siya so I asked about the material used. Yun nga lang plastic and material sa banawe but sa Ford alabang carbon fiber ang gamit nila so I kept wondering na baka po may alam po kayong mapagbibilhan ng raptor grille po na maganda klase aside from casa. And silver po yung word na "FORD" So here is a sample. We saw one wildtrak on the road had one installed in it. 10721480_769927543049743_1931240153_n.jpg

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    Feb 2008
    Honestly, hindi ko type yung raptor copy na grill. Hindi ko type yung font. Iba siya sa raptor grill. Maganda naman OEM set up ng wildtrak ah.

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    May 2010
    Kung grill lang papalitan mo, It ain't cool.. Raptor wannabe ang kakalabasan mo... If you would go raptor, all out ka dapat..

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    Dec 2006
    Hindi siya cool for me sorry.

    But if you really want, go for it. Nasa 5-7k lang talaga range niyan, taga yung sa casa.

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    Jun 2013
    There's this guy from sulit who sell raptor grilles from thailand with LEDs around 17 to 18k siya. Try searching sulit using ford ranger as your search string. Good luck.

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    May 2014
    1 month old na pala yung thread. Hehehe, anyway, same here. Mas type ko OEM look ni Ranger.

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    Jun 2011
    ako naman mas type yung FORD grille...

    hindi naman RAPTOR ang nakalagay kaya sakin Ranger pa din yun...

    ang OVER kung ang nakalagay eh Raptor..

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