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    Nov 2011

    I'm new in this thread and need to seek your guidance. My father-in-law just gave me his bulok Toyota Corona Macho Machine 1980. Mileage is just 80K, all original pa, 2.0 liter 18R engine. He told me its mine and I can have it restored (not for selling dahil sentimental pa ito sa kanya 1st owned kasi). I know how hard it is to restore this type of machine. And with the current state it is in, baka pwede na pang tansan. Ang last andar nito ay 5 years, last registered ganon din.

    Strip to metal agad dapat ito and overhaul ng makina. Plus changing ng underchassis, interiors are ok.

    I just need estimates on the registration renewal if it is worth it.

    So please fill in the portions so i have an idea how much i need to shell out to make this machine macho again. kasi as of now, mejo DOM na walang pera ang dating eh. As of now, 70K ang disposable ko.

    Scrape to metal (no body repair) xxx
    Overhaul and parts xxx
    Underchassis xxx
    Registration xxx

    I used to own a Colt Galant 76 from my dad and was able to restore it to 3 star condition, college pa ako non. And I sold that car kasi ang dami na gumagamit when i bought a new one, nawalan na ako ng gana noong di na naalagaan. At least for this one, I am planning the restoration thoroughly and making sure that I have sufficient funds. Masarap kasi na may project car ka eh. At least napupunta sa oto yung gastos mo, kesa sa pambababae. hehehe

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    Mar 2009
    70k budget?

    kasya yan sa overhaul & parts, underchassis and registration

    pero syempre depende sa extent ng damage, and sa klase ng ipapalit mo. kung oem, syempre mahal pero matibay. kung replacement, mura obviously but wont last long.

    before gumastos ako sa pang-ilalim ng kotse ko all oem 21k ... alagang alaga pa yung car na yun ha and 96 model sya.

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    Nov 2011
    21K for the underchassis? damn, ganun na pala kamahal ngayon. thanks bro. any recommended shops in qc who can do the restorations? ideal ba ang home service na general body repair?

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    Oct 2005
    Scrape to metal (no body repair) kung walang bulok ang kaha, prepare mga 60-70k for paint materials and labor
    Overhaul and parts - mga 10-20k, may or may not include labor
    Underchassis - 10k max. na iyon
    Registration - 7k max. na iyon

    alfred car restoration in qc is great when it comes to classic car restoration.

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    Mar 2009
    Ya tie rod end etc etc oem kasi

    alex car restoration is one good shop but def. Kulang 70k

1980 Toyota Macho Machine 18R Restoration