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    Feb 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by red07 View Post
    1980 Galant Sigma - Changed engine from Astron to Sirius 80. Momo steering wheel, Razo Pedals

    1985 Box Type Lancer - GTI Mags

    1995 Lancer GLXI - Mags, smoked headlight, amber corner lights, muffler, sungard medium black full tint, sunshield up (sa likod), upgraded steering wheel and pedals
    Update ko lang, naka-Libero bumper na yung lancer ko

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    Sep 2007
    lancer 1982 SL (dad's first car)

    lancer mx 2005 (dad's ride)

    strada gls 2007 (my ride)
    - on 20" chrome wheels
    - hid equipped headlight & foglight
    - w/ carryboy jumbo utility box

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    Nov 2007
    share ko lng, akin my first car 1991 L300 van, pero binenta dn, second car is 1985 Lancer boxtype.

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    Nov 2007
    ask ko lng, posible b n mawala sa timing ang isang gear? tnx s mgrereply

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    Nov 2007
    2003 pajero gen3 diesel.
    1999 pajero gen 2.5
    1997 pajero gen 2

    my father likes pajero .

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    Mar 2007
    1988 L300
    1991 L300
    1993 Galant Super Saloon
    1996 Pajero
    1998 Spacegear
    2000 Pajero fieldmaster

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    Sep 2004
    1995 Mitsubishi Lancer EL (my second car)
    mods: mostly aesthetics and audio set up

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    Sep 2006
    Guys sali ako dyan :D

    We currently have

    Pajero V6 - converted from right hand

    L300 van

    And my favorite, one of the best cars I've ever driven even though 2 valves are closed leaving my with only 2 pistons to work with, the Lancer SL!

    Pics of my SL - The two valves are closed because my tire treads are
    kinda gone. My parents closed it but doing 100kph still
    won't be a problem with the proper momentum
    conservation :D

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    Oct 2006
    My first Car is a Mitsu and it is a grad gift from my dad..

    First Mitsu- '99 Lancer GSR sports coupe

    Mods- 17 Rota Wheels, headers, ralliart exhaust, eibach springs, strut brace, short shifter, all power side mirrors, scissor doors, HID 6000k headlights, RF sound set-up..

    Current Mitsu- '07 Strada GLS sport 3.2

    Mods- only a set of '20 Black Rhino Keros Wheels

    Future Mitsu- the next Lancer!!!!!!

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    Oct 2006
    My past Mitsu- '99 Lancer GSR Sports Coupe

    mods- ralliart headers and exhaust. 17 rota wheels, eibach springs and strut, four wheel disc brakes, momo steering wheel, white gauge, scissor door, RF sound set-up..

    Current Mitsu- '07 Strada GLS Sport 3.2

    Mods- '20 Black Rhino Keros wheels..

    And im eyeing on the next future Mitsu

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