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    Oct 2004
    I'm selling my Mit Galant Vr 1996 and Mit Galant SS 1998.

    If you want I could send you pictures.

    PM me your email address then I'll send the pictures to you.

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    Sep 2005
    1988 Galant SS

    Nothing Follows

    Smalltimer nga eh hehe

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    Apr 2005
    1981 Galant Station Wagon ( saturn engine) i love this rig (sold)
    1991 Lancer GLX - very economical (sold)
    2005 Mits Adventure gasGLX - present along with honda city

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    Mar 2005

    04 GLX - Gulf Specs

    ~ 1.6 4g18 Engine, CVT Sportstronic Transmission, Full Stock due to WARRANTY
    ~ Full Options, Panoramic Roof, Colored Key
    ~ Keyless entry upgraded with Security Alarm
    1. Full Body Kit (Local Fabricated)
    2. Seats upgraded to RECARO
    3. Fabric Passengers Seats Changed to Red Color Full Leather
    4. 17" Alloy Wheels w/ 235/40/R17 Falken Mugs
    5. Neon Light Underground Effect
    6. Stock Fog Light Upgraded with Blue Sided Xenon Fog Light to fit on the new front bumper.
    7. Stock Wings changed to Sports Alloy, then changed again to EVO8 style Wings
    8. Vinyl Grafix Tattoo9.
    ~ Sounds Setup
    1. 180 W Pioneer Front Speaker
    2. Earthquake Tweeter - Rear
    3. Pioneer Dome Tweeter - Front
    4. 2 x 10" JB Power Subwoofer - Fiber Glass Boxed
    5. Kenwood 4 ch 640 w Power Amplifier
    6. JVC KDV5000 Head Unit - (DVD Player)
    7. 7" In-Dash LCD-TFT Monitor

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    May 2005
    Mine is:
    Silver - Gray Mitsu Galant 95 - 2.0 24 cyl V type.
    17" 205/50/R17 Bridgestone rubbers, Pioneer Mp3, 100W RMS Infinity speakers,M3 Steering wheels and a nice lookin muffler tip. Engine's stock except for the aluminum strut bar.

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    Sep 2005
    Mine Is A Pajero 2000 Model Long Wheel Base
    Jvc Dvd Player W/ Lcd, Infinity Amplified Subwoofers And Earthquake Tweeters.

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    Oct 2005
    my ride is a 98 Adventure diesel....

    stock engine...modified driver. ;p

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    Apr 2005
    I have my first ever 2002 Adventure Super Sports Limited Edition. I bought it sa suking tindahan in second hand
    so far, I'm contented naman and satisfied with it though I handover it muna kay kumander at kailangan lumabas ng bansa.

    Initial upgrade:

    - changed stock to concept one mags with dunlop tires
    - changed stock kenwood to kenwood KVT735DVD using stock speakers wala pa chance to replace!
    - remaining are all stocks

    Need to replace 3rd barake light na!

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    May 2005
    This are the list of Mitsubishi I formerly owned
    1st 89 Montero 3dr stock gas 4wd
    2nd 89 Pajero Flatroof sunroof Gas 2ac m/t 4wd
    3rd 92 Pajero Gls Dubai version M/t Sunroof Diesel 4wd w/ diff lock
    4th 89 Pajero 3dr Converted diesel stock 4wd
    5th 92 Pajero Glx no flares A/t Gas 2ac 4wd
    6th 97 Galant Vr4 2.0 A/T stock
    7th 97 Pajero V6 A/T sunroof 2ac gas (Gen. 2.5 Body) 4wd
    8th 99 Strada m/t Stock 4wd
    9th 99 Pajero Local Diesel A/T 4m40 Engine. 4wd

    But now i dont have any mitsubishi right now pahinga muna.

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    Oct 2005
    past; 98 lancer and 2000 adventure. now; 2001 SS adventure diesel (competition series)

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