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    Jun 2009
    Good day sirs, my 2012 4x4 strada has a 265x70R17 tires. I noticed it has an uneven tire front right tire. So, I brought it to a local tire shop here in the province. They have a complete computer/laser guided tire alignment system here, so I thought ok na. Mali pala, after the "adjustments", now my pick-up slightly wanders to the left. By the way I had the rear tires placed in the front.

    May I ask, if I can have the proper, caster, camber and toe of the strada? Thank you.

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    Sep 2012
    Hindi mo na try i claim sa kanila as back job?

    Possible causes ng ganyang problem

    * Incorrect front wheel alignment
    * Worn steering or suspension joints, bushes or components
    * Roadwheel out of balance
    * Faulty or damaged tyre
    * Wheel bolts loose
    * Defective shock absorbers

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    Mar 2008
    if your tires are out of round ("oblong"), no amount of adjusting will make your ride go straight. (well, it might go straight pa-abante, but not when you drive backward.)
    it's easy to check: remove the wheel and roll it. it should go straight.

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    Jun 2009
    Thanks for the input sirs.... Brought my unit to a reliable wheel center, have to travel an hour though. Normal na. Haay salamat...

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