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    Nov 2008
    good day mga bossing! just a newbie bout cars and i'm preparing my budget to score my longest admired SUV (kahit luma na). just want to get an idea bout its pros and cons mga bossing. is it ok na maging first vehicle to? ok lang din ba kahit 96/97 model kasi medyo matagal na eh! how bout its fuel consumption? which do you prefer Gas or Diesel type (in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance)? thanks in advance mga bossing!

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    Aug 2008
    96/97 model is 4d56 turbo engine. matipid yan sa diesel at daming available na parts na mura at daming mekaniko na kabisado tong model na to. 6 liters ang oil nito at oil filter nito pareho sa L300, L200, at adventure. daming parts nito na pareho sa L300, L200, at adventure kaya walang problema sa parts. fuel consumption is 8-10 km/liter. mag Field Master Pajero ka na lang masmalakas ang engine 4m40 dami din available parts ang field master.

plan to buy 96/97 local pajero 5 door type M/T