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    Jul 2004
    Good Day to all Tsikot Member,

    I'm a new kid in the block here, just signed in today but in constant access of this site as I found the site very informative
    in providing me expert advise for my civic and pajero problem.

    By now, i need your help as my Pajero AT field Master is registering outside temp at the range of 48 to 67 degC. I'm
    driving at Quezon City to Alabang daily. The moment I crank
    my the pajero the temp is already at 48degC.

    Please help me locate the out side temp thermocouple and
    how to fix this. I brought this on roadside aircon repair shop
    but they don't know where this temp sensor is located.

    Secondly, my engine temp is always pointed on low side, way below the first temp marking. It will inch up a bit until the first
    low line once my outside temp indicates above 60degC. I'm sure this is not the usual engine temp and something is wrong with
    the engine temp system. Please advise me what to do here. I'm worried that this eventually lead me to engine oveheating without the usual pre-alert.

    Thanks in advance experts.

    By the way, I'm the second owner of this pajero and I dont have the service/owner manual. FOr sure the guys here are better reference than manual afterall.

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    Oct 2002
    Hi Field Master and welcome to our humble site!

    The outside temp sensor is located behind the bumper. It's at the end of a corrugated black plastic tube. around 5-10mm in diameter.

    I guess its just a matter of pointing it forward, coz your readings are waaaaay above normal

    My daily engine temp readings are a tad below the halfway mark. Maybe you just need to change the engine temp 'sending unit'


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    Jul 2004
    Good Day PajeroKid,
    Thanks and I was impressed in getting some lead on my problem in less than an hour. It was really helpful especially to find out that there are some good samaritan in the road. However, I've noticed that your name is fitting to describe your expertise. Well, could be that the Kid have outgrown its monicker and now methamorphosed to become the PAJEROMAN. Well no offense here, its just my way of showing my appreciation to you.

    I tried to locate the outside temp sensor during my luch brake but unfortunately I still could not pinpoint it. Can you help me narrow my search area. Mine is local pajero and not the usual converted japs version. Is the sensor on the left, center or right bumber? Can I see this from the hood or need to lift the front and inspect under? Is this under or on the side of the head lamp? Is this close to steering gear box or on aircon dryer? Do I need to dismantle some assembly (bumper, grille, head lamp, radiator etc)to find this. I'm sorry for asking too much but I can't bring this to mechanic as I'm working like a dog whole day. Besides, I don't have trusted Pajero Mechanic at the moment.

    Now for the engine temperature, what is is this "sending unit" composed of? How will I know that this is really what causes my engine low temp indication. How can I isolate this against other parts such as busted thermocouple or loose wiring. As mentioned, the system is responding but is not reporting an accurate read-outs. Any ballpark figure for this sending unit? Who can help me install this unit?

    Salamat po muli.

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    Oct 2002
    Ey Field Master, hehe, actually there's a bit of history behind the nick.

    Anyways, I found my sensor just dangling somewhere behind the bumper. Im just not sure where it's passing through. My bumper, you see, has been dinsmantled for painting and that's when i saw the sensor. Sorry, i forgot the specifics. Dun pa sa Ex-Pajero ko nakita yung sensor.

    Im gonna browse through my repair manual and try to come up with something more concrete tomorrow.

    regarding the sending unit, it basically looks like a screw which you plug in the cylinder head. I have no idea of costs however.


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    Jul 2004
    Thanks still. By the way, if the sending unit is the same as water gauge temp sensor it cost P1100 at El Dorado. By the way, which shop you brought you 2.8 Pajero for maintenance? I used to have mine serviced at Rapide Alabang but I'm not satisfied with the service I'm getting.

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    Oct 2002
    Field Master, the temp sensor is located behind the driver side bumper corner protector. its basically a mini bimetallic strip at the end of a black plastic corrugated tube.

    On the sending unit, yes, i suspected it would cost around that much. I believe we are talking about the same thing.

    I have my ride serviced in various gas stations for oil changes. For mechanical work, i just bring it to my trusted mechanic near my homeplace. If i have free time, i usually do DIY work.

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    Jul 2004
    Hi Pajerokid,

    Thanks. I have the sending unit replaced for P1050 part plus P200 labor. Same as yours the engine temp reading is now "a tad below the halfway mark".
    On second item, outside temp sensor, I have located it on the exact position as you have mentioned. Well, this is not giving an accurate ambient temp anymore even after immersing this on cold water. Well this need replacement too but will attend to this later.

    Thanks again and more power.

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    Oct 2002
    Field Master,

    I suggest you just leave it be For me, its not worth the trouble and the cost. (Unless less than 500 bucks lang yung outside air sensor). Besides, it doesnt give accurate readings anyway except when the Pajero is at speed.

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    Oct 2002
    As PK as stated the outside temperature sensor is located behind the left hand (driver's side) plastic bumper endcap.

    This sensor registers ambient temperature in the surroundings and is in no way related to engine temperatures.

    Please take note that the sensor only reads correctly at highways speeds where there is good airflow (and not stagnant air). Also, it will tend to read high in traffic because it is 'sensing' the heat from surrounding vehicles (esp. from the exhaust of the vehicle in front of your Pajero).

    I also don't think its worth the trouble to make the outside temp sensor read accurately.
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