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    Nov 2002
    Haay...naalala ko yung first car na niregalo ko kay misis...'84 na box type A/T...sarap gamitin...

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    Oct 2002
    check out my gallery here in tsikot!!!lancer na 78 model!

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    Oct 2002
    ako din's my old skul mitsu..gamit paminsan-minsan

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    Oct 2002
    Oldschoolmitsu: Pare of course you're welcome here!!!!

    Basta anything Mitsubishi pwede rito!

    If you have an A6M Zero fighter pwede rin!

    Ako, my first car was a Lancer SL Boxtype followed by a GTi....followed by some toyotas and hondas, pero balik Mitsu with my Pajero now.

    Basta three diamonds in the blood, kasapi natin!

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    Oct 2002
    my family owns a Saturn engine 1979 Colt Galant, dito ko una natutuo mag drive, sobrang astig, parang Tony Ferrer. Kaso sobrang tigas manubela.

    Welcome sir!!!!!

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    Sep 2003
    Sir Rafraf;

    Sayang naman yun Mitsu Minica mo baka pwede gamitin....

    Pamigay mo na lang....

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    Dec 2004
    Lagyan natin ng 4G63T

    Quote Originally Posted by CLAVEL3699
    Sir Rafraf;

    Sayang naman yun Mitsu Minica mo baka pwede gamitin....

    Pamigay mo na lang....

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    Jul 2005
    Just a new member

    I just bough a lancer EX boxtype. This is the most old car i ever had but i like its performance. thanks to the previous owners dahil inalagaan nila.
    i used to drive a 3 door pajero but i swap it with tamaraw fx GL with taxi franchise. hirap kasi ng buhay ngayon kaya i need to give up my pajero just to own a taxi. well taxi is a good business here in baguio. kaso mahal ang franchise. around 180,000 din ang taxi franchise ngayon.

    anyway, kahit boxtype lang ang daily service ko sa office, i enjoy it very much. this is my 10th car and the oldest of all but i'm really interested to keep it for good. my only problem with this car is that, you can smell the gas specially pag mataas ang idle o kayay pag tumatakbo and thats why i need to close all the window. fresh pa naman sana ang air dito sa baguio. i check the engine and there was no leak in it for oils or gas. i suspect that the strong gas odor is coming from the exhaus pipe.

    could anyone of you guys help me or give me tips on how to minimize this problem?

    I also intend to install a Khaos turbo charger but i was disappointed with what other tsikoters say sa kabilang thread.

    Also to all boxtype expert, could any one of you give me tips on how to make my boxtype more good looking?

    thanks and i hope to here from you guys.

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    Mar 2008

    Im currently driving a 1985 Lancer SL, im looking for a carb that can be equip with aquator...pls help

    you can shoot me an email.. emalemejc*

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    May 2007
    i love the old school mitsus!

    my family was the first to own the L-Type Lancer sedan and coupe back in 1976 (i wasnt born yet)

    we survived the 1990s with a 1983 Box type '83 Lancer SL- super reliable talaga!

    we have a Space Wagon and occasionally drive a 1st Gen Strada!

    Looking forward to another Mitsubishi... if i have the time and money to restore an oldschool mitsu- it would be the Box Type Lancer- nothing else! hehehe!

    *cadayjerry- hello there... eb tayo soon! hehehe!

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