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    Apr 2005

    Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is proud to announce it has developed a new type of diesel engine called the "Direct Injection-Diesel Hyper Common Rail" or DI-D Hyper Common Rail Engine.

    The newly developed 2.5-liter and 3.2-liter engines are equipped with direct-injection, common rail fuel delivery systems unlike the current Strada's diesel engines, which use indirect injection with a sub chamber.

    Both new engines are scheduled to be fitted on a new pickup truck that is slated to go on sale in Thailand soon.

    The common rail system was adopted in that it offers significantly greater freedom and control over fuel injection. Engineered to be able to handle a maximum pressure of 180 MPa, the high-pressure common rail system enables precision control of the injection pressure, injection duration (injection amount), and injection schedule over a wide operating range. As a result, the system promises high output while achieving a reduction in exhaust gases, fuel consumption, and noise.

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    Apr 2005

    A turbocharger was added to the 2.5-liter engine and the displacement of one engine was increased to 3.2 liters to increase both maximum torque and maximum output. Further increases in power were achieved through a number of means. A DOHC 16-valve design was adopted, the injector nozzles were centrally positioned, and a cross flow design was created by locating the intake and exhaust manifolds on both sides of the engine to boost both breathing efficiency and combustion efficiency. Other measures include the use of roller rocker arms to reduce friction.

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    Apr 2005

    Let’s experience the world civilization while proving the new civilized pickup truck
    The New Mitsubishi TRITON

    This is the first time in Thailand’s history that a pickup truck caravan of adventurers traveled across 5 countries: Thailand-Laos-China-Mongolia and Russia. They were ready to risk their life on the unknown route, unpredictable weather, on the land, which was not their hometown, which they were not native speakers.

    They wanted to learn new civilization hidden all around the world. The most important purpose was to demonstrate the performance of the New Mitsubishi TRITON pickup truck, which named “the evolved pickup truck,” under the support of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., from July 5 to August 9, 2005. This aimed to set up the test for Mitsubishi TRITON, the New Mitsubishi pickup truck to be launched for the first time in the world here in Thailand, under the definition of “the new evolved pickup truck.” This trip aimed to prove, among the consumers, the all new Mitsubishi TRITON for the perfectly-developed Hyper Common Rail power. Moreover, it proved the strong body and newly-designed structure. It also experienced from the future image designed according to aerodynamics.

    Three Mitsubishi Triton pickup trucks assigned to face this test included one of 3.2 Double Cab GLS 4WD model, and two of 2.5 Double Cab GLS 4WD model. All pickup trucks were manufactured at the factory of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand. Their standards were fixed from the factory without any additional adjustment to increase their efficiency. The arduous and dangerous trip with an aim to reach the destinations according to the planned dates and times was the best test of Mitsubishi TRITON prior to its formal launch and distribution to the consumers.

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    Apr 2005
    37 Days with over 20,000 kilometers

    “The route cannot be called “the road” but it can be called by different names, including mud seas, deep water courses, the zigzag and narrow roads on the high mountains in China, distant and hot deserts in Mongolia, and superhighways with high speed in China. The climate fluctuated from 44 degrees Celsius in the desert to 14 degrees Celsius in Baikal Lake in Russia. In addition, it rained heavily throughout the route in China.”

    This is the merely short description when compared to the real situation faced by 9 Thai 4WD drivers during 37 days on the route cutting through the areas of 5 countries with 20,193 km, from Thai-Laos-China-Mongolia-Russia-China-Laos and back to Thailand. Along the route, the climate and weather were totally different. This trip of 9 people and 3 Mitsubishi TRITON pickup trucks added another page to history

    Bangkok-Laos-China: over 55,000 curves along 300 kilometers at over 1,900 meters above the sea level high, just the beginning of the new page of history

    The first morning after departing Bangkok, 3 Mitsubishi Triton pickup trucks led 9 drivers to Ban Huay Sai, Bor Kaew, Laos, which is the starting point where Mitsubishi Triton pickup trucks and the team left their hometown for the historic test. The first scene started when the 6 pairs of wheels of TRITON sprung to life on the late rite road via steep valley. Under construction, the road was full of mud and deep water courses. The gear was shifted to 4H at the speed of 60-70 km./hr.

    Then, 3 pick-up trucks climbed up the mountain heading to Kunming in China. This part of the road was really narrow, without any hillsides. There were over 55,000 curves along the route. The team had never experienced the straight course. However, they can drive at the speed of about 60-70 km./hr. The better designed trucks’ performance can be clearly seen, particular their stability, and tightly clinging onto the road, and small turning angles. The trucks’ accurate turning showed the excellent control of this new model of pick-up truck. On the 4th day of the trip, the road at the end of course got better. So, the truck’s Hyper Common rail power could show its supreme maneuvering. The accelerating rate of 2.5 Double Cab GLS 4WD model increased to 140-170 km./hr, at 3,800 RPM, during about 4 hours of travelling. Although all pickup trucks were laden with over 800 kg., each can show its excellence and led our team to the destination ahead of the schedule.

    The next morning, at Kunming, the trip began again at 21” degree Celsius, at 1,900 meters above the sea level high. This part needed a lot of ability and experience from the adventure seekers because it was full of narrow roads on the mountains with deep cliffs on the hillsides. In the afternoon, it rained and the fog stepped in. TRITON showed its hidden performance again with its well-design headlight to help improving visibility and the excellent brake allowed the drivers to steer the trucks with high confidence. After that, all the way to Han Jung in Xichuan, the team began to discover more about TRITON. Certainly, TRITON superb performance lifted the confidence among these 9 people.

    China-Mongolia: from the mountain to the end of the road, opening the door to the lonely track at the center of the hot desert

    The RV Meter screen at the control zone indicated the temperature outside had increased to 35 degree Celsius on the 8th day of this trip. It seemed that TRITON was warning these people to get well-prepared for the dryness of the desert which was getting nearer. From Han Jung to Er Lian Hao De, it was full of ranches. To meet the schedule, the speed had to be at 80-100 km./hr. At that time, the drivers had to be alert all the time because they had to break within short distance for many times due to the wild animals crossing roads. However, the ABS brake system of TRITON working together with EBD of TRITON gave the drivers supreme road maneuvering, raising their confidence tremendously.

    Arriving at Chiao Yi, the team entered Mongolia. They faced the distant desert in front of them. It seemed as if all roads were swallowed. The gears of TRITON pickup trucks were shifted to go ahead at 4H to enter the gruesome desert battlefield. RV Meter indicated the temperature outside was at 44 degree Celsius. This stage was the most arduous test for TRITON. Its engine must be revved up to its maximum performance at the speed of 100-140 km. amid the high temperature and dust. The TRITON had to endure the rough road full of sand and big rocks for 848 km. before coming to a rest for one day at Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. At this point, the 9 team members and 3 TRITON pickup trucks overcame obstacles for half way through 3 countries stretching of over 7,300 km. long.
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    Oct 2002
    damn ***iest 4D56 on the planet!

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    Apr 2005
    Mongolia-Russia-China: the cross of 44-degree desert and 14-degree grassland and 800-km. Dunes

    The golden light of the 16th day started after the team left Ulan Bator at Mongolia’s border at Sue Bator to head to Ulan Ude of Russia. The route was still through hot deserts. Apart from the excellent performance of the engine and the truck structure, the air conditioned coolness and comfort inside the passenger room helped 9 travelers to overcome the obstacles during this stage easily. After continuing travelling for another 1,000 km., they arrived at the border of Russia safely. However, they faced such a big obstacle that the trucks nearly encountered debilitating problems during the migration. With the impasse at the front and the hot desert of over 1,000 km. long at the back, all the drivers looked forward to the coolness of Russia. So, there was the only one way out: turning back to the arduous battlefield they had just got out from!!”

    At Mongolia, the Thai ambassador in Mongolia in negotiating their immigration to Russia successfully assisted the team. Hope returned to the team. Three TRITON pickup trucks flew to the desert for the third time to the destination waiting ahead. Finally, at 22.00 hrs., Baikal Lake appeared in front of everybody. After the team had taken a rest and took photos of the breathtaking scenery for about half an hour, they got back on their TRITON again. Their first feeling was “TRITON was ready to continue its trip without taking a break” following over 8,000 km. of difficulty driving. This was the reason why 9 people were encouraged to head back to Thailand to record their feat as quickly as possible. But it seemed that destiny did not want them to succeed easily. They were tortured by the heavily-damaged route of 800 km. long. They had to face dunes all the way. At one stage, they faced a dune stretching 300 km. long. With the energized performance of TRITON, the trucks revved up to the speed of 120 km./hr. to reach its last destination: “Beijing.”

    Beijing was the end of this trip. The top executives of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Grand Prix International Co., Ltd. and the Tourist Authority of Thailand, together with the press, welcomed 3 TRITON pickup trucks and their drivers, and led them on an excursion of the Great Wall to take pictures and celebrate their achievement at the same time. Here, the team had a chance to take a rest for 3 days and to tour Beijing. One pickup truck and some drivers went back to Thailand by boat. As for the return of 5,475 km., two pickup trucks were on the test: 3.2 Double Cab GLS 4WD model and 2.5 Double Cab GLS 4WD; with 4 drivers.

    On the 29th day, the trip reached its final stage. The way back heading for Kunming was the most risky because they had to face the steep route on the mountain of 3,000 meters high from the sea level. Moreover, it rained heavily and continuously. However, the team survived to Kunming setting the new statistics of accomplishing of 1,890 km. in one day. On the next day, the road condition got a lot better. So, the oil consumption rate of TRITON was tested. This was an informal test because the trucks were full-loaded. The result of 2.5 Double Cab GLS 4WD model driving at 90-100 km./hr. at 2,000-2,5000 RPM showed that an average of 14.375 km./litre was consumed by TRITON. This was quite good, actually. Next to Szu Mao in China, through Mongolia to cross the border to Laos, the team had to face the rubber-coated road. But its condition was bad due to the repair needed along the way.

    After that, they climbed the mountain again at Luang Prabang. The weather was still bad with thick fog and rain all the time. During this time, they worried that the worn-out tires may burst when making a turn. But the structure and the control zone of TRITON still worked perfectly. The team and their New Mitsubishi TRITON pickup trucks entered their motherland on the 37th day of their trip at Muang District, Nong Khai province, with great success. It added another first to Thai pickup truck industry by have traveled across 5 countries for a total distance of 20,193 km.

    The conclusion of the trip to prove the new evolved

    The success of the team in driving Mitsubishi TRITON pickup truck for over 20,000 km. in 5 countries according to the goal and schedule proved to be satisfactory. This was the test of using TRITON in the most arduous course, with fluctuating climates and problems. Mitsubishi TRITON proved that its racing DNA from Mitsubishi Racing Truck Evolution (RTE) has been transferred perfectly. For example, the powerful engine is capable of responding to the accelerating rate for a long time under high temperature or thin atmosphere. With its strong structure, it performed confidently when passing through steep hillsides. It can be controlled clearly from every curve and route. The most important was its future image that was not only watched by millions of pairs of eyes from people in all countries along its way, but also created the new and better experience of driving to the drivers.

    And from now on, TRITON, the evolved pickup truck, has been born in all its perfection and ready to give everybody a chance to experience the real automobile of the future.
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    sana naman nga dumating na sa Pilipinas yang DI-D at yang TRITON. Machong-macho ang dating ;)

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    heard it will arrive Jan. 2006

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    Sana nga't nandito na yung Triton.Strada parin ang name nya sa Philippine market.

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    the new king of the 1 ton pick-up segment!

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