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    Jan 2003
    nice parang motorola razor... ganda. kakatakot lang dami ng electronics.
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    Dec 2003
    hayup na interior yan, battlestar galactica hehehe makes the fd civic's interior look 10 years old!

    pero sayang concept lang..

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    Mar 2006
    Made of Bamboo fiber na ata ang dash...

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Laser_Ramon View Post
    Eto din ba yun o mas newer yang concept?

    JDM Galant Fortis
    The Concept-ZT may be the concept version of the next mid-size export market Galant to replace the current USDM developed Galant models(this includes the ASEAN Galant/Taiwan Grunder). The current Galant and Diamante was merged into one basic car(lower models replace the old Galant, top model replaces the Diamante).
    In Japan the Diamante was never replaced, and the last Galant sold there until the all-new "Galant Fortis" badged 2008 Lancer was the 8th gen shark nose Galant.
    Since the Galant name is now used for the non-Evo 2008 Lancer in Japan(JDM Galant Fortis), they will probably call it a Diamante or something else in Japan... Assuming this goes into production.
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    Oct 2005
    love it. it's gotta be the next Galant.

    the rotary shifter is cool...ala Jaguar XF!

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