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    Nov 2002
    ano ba ang mga review dito sa adventure talaga bang masyadong matigas ang ride?

    can someone direct me to where i can find a better thread for mits. adventure discussion?..can i have a link for clubmitsu tnx

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    Oct 2002

    Pinalambot na daw ng Mitsubishi ang ride ng Adventure via different tires and some suspension tuning. Pero I still find it a bit bouncy. You can always use flip one leaf in the rear spring pack parang yung ginagawa sa pick up trucks.
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    Oct 2002
    I have an Adventure 2002 model......ok naman suspension nya.....comparable with other AUV like revo and XUV...though I find the XUV bouncier than adventure..... palitan mo lang yung stock tires nya with 6 ply thread OK sya......

    the old model of adventure 2001 and below are the ones notorious for a rigid suspension...... talagang parang popcorn ka sa loob.....

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    Oct 2002
    trademark yata ng mitsubishi yan eh...matitigas suspension.
    lahat ng mitsu cars ko ganyan eh, kaya parang sanay na rin ako. :P

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    Oct 2002
    .... di naman po lahat :D

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    Oct 2002
    I also have the 2002 SS model. . . . .

    One thing I noticed about the new adventure is the stiff accelerator pedal. On long drives and traffic, you would surely feel pain in your feet due to the prolonged pressure on the pedal.

    I remedied it by fabricating a new accelerator spring, the one that is controlling the stiffness of the pedal. From 2.5mm thickness, I made it into 2.0mm. Now it feels so good to drive it around even on long distance. And with more power you can feel.

    Doc Diesel

  7. FrankDrebin Guest
    Naku eh wala tatalo pa sa tigas ng suspension ng L200 ko.

    Tibay at Tigas Talaga!

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    Nov 2002
    I presently own 2 mit adventures...

    The first one is a 98 GLX and the other one is a 2002 GLS Sport...malaki na rin ang in-improve ng suspension...What I noticed is that they have straightened the leaf spings na...dati medyo bended yung leaf springs kaya konti lang yung play, kaya masyado matagtag...ngayong diretson halos sya, mas smooth ang ride although not yet comparable sa kotse...

    I've driven the new Patrol and Pajero, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang difference sa suspension...

  9. #9
    I have a 1998 GLS, one of the first adventures in the country.....a bit old, pero very reliable and ok pa din.....nung brand new sya, super bouncy talaga, as in pag hindi pantay kalsada, tatama ulo ng middle passengers sa ceiling!!! Pero nung pinalagyan ng body kit after 1 year (1999), binawasan yung leaf spring sa likod, nabawasan na bounciness its not that bouncy, medyo parang pajero na ride nya.:D

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    Oct 2002
    walang tatalo sa L300 sa talbog!

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