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    Jul 2007
    salamat pare

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    Apr 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by hedro3 View Post

    i suggest an oil change every 5,000 kms for starters.
    thanks bro!

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    Jun 2007
    I invite you all, guys to log on to

    Raymond Sarol is our official mechanic.

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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by judoman View Post
    mga sir, tanong ko lang po. bakit po tinatawag na itlog ang lancer? ano po ba similarity nito sa itlog ng manok/itlog ng tao?
    di ko alam kung seryoso itong tanong na ito pero sagutin ko na din para sa mga iba pang nagplaplanong magtanong.

    kaya sya tinatawag na "itlog" dahil sa round chassis design at sa korte ng kanyang tail light.

    sana ay nasagot ko ang iyong katanungan.

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    Apr 2008
    Hi mga tsikoteers...

    I'm a newbie itlog (lancer EL 1995) "owner" when i got it from my dad a few weeks ago... :D

    Madami pa akong gustong gawing customizations dun like change color, additional sounds, etc... pero una munang i-test drive ko muna yun after i gets my non-pro hehehe...

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    Sep 2007

    pls do so other forumers can benefit from your experience.[sir morrissey, i want to become a bonafide member of mymitsu club can u pls help me to be one?tnx paupd8 naman wat will i do, makati area nga pala ako.tnx

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    Feb 2007
    nhel1118, just visit their boards, from there you will know the details on how to be a bonafide member.

    You can also visit puro lancer owners naman ang nandyan .

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    Apr 2008
    sir morrissey,

    i brought my car to ray this morning and told him about my problem. he checked the timing and medyo palyado daw.

    he made some adjustments that made the car run even worse when he did a test drive. kse ang original problem ko is hesitation, or parang sinisinok ang car at low speed/ low rpm/ low gear.

    so he tested the individual high tension wires by removing them 1 by 1. upon removing #2, walang effect sa menor. so nilagyan nya ako ng temporary replacement ng hi tension #2. test drive uli at wala na ang palya. BUT during the second test drive, napansin na din niya yung sinasabi kong prang sinok na pasumpong sumpong lang.

    so pinagpalit niya ako ng high tensions (this time, original ang pinalit ko. kse the first time i replaced them with cheap ones <w/c naayos naman ang problema ko for a few weeks only> ay for testing purposes only). pinagpalit din niya ako ng fuel filter and spark plugs.

    nung pinalitan ang hi tensions and fuel filter, nawala ang palya. BUT it was when the spark plugs were replaced na hindi ko na naramdaman yung sinasabing kong pasumpong sumpong na sinok.

    take note that i have replaced all these parts in the past only to find na bumabalik ang problem ko after a few weeks. i hope this time, solved na ang problem ko and it was only a bad batch (?!) of parts that was causing this perennial problem.

    ray was a very nice and decent guy. he even told me to test drive yung car nung matapos niya gawin. e hindi pa ako nagbabayad at pwede ako mag escape na lang, di ba? hehe. pro syempre pinoy ako kaya hindi ako gagawa ng hindi tama, right guys?? kaya bumalik ako after test driving the car and nag bayad na.

    again, sana solved na ang problem ko. malalaman ko with finality in 2 -3 weeks i guess. pro i feel confident na solved na ito. hehe...
    ...(sabay dasal :pope.

    next week, clutch parts naman ang papapalitan ko kay ray. hay gastos!

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    Apr 2004

    and others,

    yung mga sparks baka kulang lang sa pihit. happened to me before.

    yah, just follow Ray's advice and you cant go wrong. he might insist on original parts, which may be expensive. pero the results are superb and they last long.

    when i go to him, i have a notebook handy and list all the parts he needs. tapos i ask him kung kailangan OEM or pwede na replacement and what brand. works for me. sometimes, i even ask him if certain modifications like IHE, muffler and mags would be beneficial to my itlog. he is easy to get along with. the personal relationship ive cultivated with him is worth more than the fees i pay him. its hard to find a good mechanic na di ka lolokohin, more difficult than finding a wife hehe.

    my advice: keep a small notebook and make it your maintenance log with dates, parts bought and replaced, what shop i bought the parts, prices and repair fee ni RS para di ka na malito kung ano na nareplace mo. it gets confusing for an old fogey like me hehe so i keep one inside my glove compartment.

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    Apr 2008
    sir morrissey,

    what's IHE?

    my glxi is stock. as in kung ano lumabas sa casa, wala akong binago. in this light, i think this will be the first time for me to replace my clutch parts. ray says kung nagtitipid ako, i can use replacement release bearing and pressure plate (may spinecify sya na brand though), but definitely original clutch disk.

    any first-hand experience on this? nakapagpalit ka na ba ng clutch parts sa egg mo?

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