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    Oct 2002
    I'm just soliciting opinions here.

    How much better is a 4x4 A/T Field Master over a typical local-market GEN II Pajero? Are there any aspects in which the GEN II.5 is worse than the GEN II?

    Is it really worth it to step up to a relatively fresh GEN II.5 4x4 or just build up a GEN II?
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    Oct 2002
    di ba dapat ikaw ang tinatanong tungkol dyan???!!! :D hehehe

    interior would be the same, except for the stick shift- kasi a/t na yung gen2.5 na sinasabi mo

    exterior slightly different. fender flares are replaced by real fenders, grills, mags, etc..

    engine, chassis, suspension, and tranny, IMHO are all the same. super select 4wd system, coil suspension, t-bars, underbody armor

    the only difference would be the age of the vehicle. fresher engine (depends on the maintenance habits of the previous owner)

    if you're on an adventurous mood, get the gen2.5. but if you want a boring, reliable old rig, stick with your gen2.

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    Oct 2002
    otep, i was fortunate to drive both for several months when we had those pajeros...

    as for me..malayo ang performance ng bawat suspension feel ng makina..ewan ko..iba talaga is subjective na but definitely, may pinagkaiba talaga.

    sa batak..lamang ang fieldmaster..we had the manual 4x4, though.mabigat pero grabe ang sarap ng batak.

    i dont know..but never ko na feel yun sa gen 2.

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    Nov 2004
    Mas gusto ko pa rin ang exterior ng gen2 lalo na kapag naka 35 series na rubber. I have yet to see a 2.5 with oversized wheels.
    Sa looks lang talaga lamang yung older 1 pero everything else is slightly better in the 2.5. All in all sa tingin ko its worth it na mag-upgrade ka sa 2.5.

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    Mar 2003
    Galing din ako from 95 Gen 2 to 99 Gen 2.5 auto. hindi mausok ang gen 2.5 kahit biritin. 6 1/2 inch speaker sa front. white na yung backlite ng instrument panel. power driver seats, 50/50 split na yung 2nd row (pag 99 model maingay yung seats dahil sumasayad yung leather sa door handles, sa mga later models naayos na.

    gen 2 better ang ride, mas mabilis mag accelerate compared to AT na gen 2.5, but kaya mag 160 ng gen 2.5.

    Gen 2.5 na!

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    Oct 2002
    hmmmm somebody is upgrading his rig......herehrehrererherher

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    Jan 2005
    gen 2.5!

    pero okay yan with a 4m41 swap. :D

    to answer the question...3-way adjustable shocks. 4m40 over the 4d56.
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    Oct 2002
    If budget permits, by all means get the gen 2.5!

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    Oct 2002
    Why Gen2.5?

    Leather Seats (easier to maintain)
    1" Body Lift (if AT)
    Better Looking White Gauges (subjective)
    Better Compass ( )
    Driver Side SRS
    Split Folding Rear Seats
    Door Mounted speakers in addition to dash mounted
    Front Courtesy lamps
    Leatherette sidings (easier to maintain)
    3-Way adjustable suspension (either a boon or a curse depending on your POV)
    Better Power Window switches

    ...and heck, its always advisable to get a newer car.

    WHY NOT?

    Weaker AC
    Fake Wood
    Slower (if 4M40-AT)
    Not much else

    Palit ka na Otep! All white naman gawin mo tapos photoshoot tayo ehehe. Pero parang di bagay all white. The lightest color which looks good monotone is Silver IMO.

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    Oct 2002
    ofroad looks n ok ang gen 2 kasi u got the falres unlike the gen2.5, metal bodt n wala ng flares. sus pension lam,anmg din gen2.5 but magastos. for me, gen 2 pa din.

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How better is the GEN II.5 over the GEN II Pajero?[EDIT: Wildcard added]