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    Oct 2008
    Hello.Am new here.Hope this finds you well. Got a problem with the automatic transmission of our Galant VR6. It stumbles especially on light acceleration. i was told that this seems to be a perennial A/T issue with the VR.( in that case this is an old issue but apologies for bothering you with ideas) I thought at first that it may have been a clogged fuel injectors since stumbling is one classic symptom of that prob. Diamond Motors thinks it is otherwise and thus diagnosed A/T as the culprit.

    1. can the AT be overhauled? is it a better alternative than buying a surplus? where therefore?

    2. could it be just cleaned, filters/ ATF be drained then changed in the first place?

    Thank you.

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    Nov 2008
    Already had my 1995 Galant VR A/T transmission overhauled 2 yrs ago. Get in touch with Bochet (0916) 3285158 or (0919) 4897046. At that time, he charged me P8k for the labor. The generic A/T overhaul kit costs around P10k. Took around 3 or 4 days for the overhaul. so far, ok na ulit humatak yung VR ko...balik na sa dati.

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