Hey.... want to retire? Try this on for size:

Your own internet shopping mall for just... $49.00 per year!!!
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The Bottomline:

Now you can open your own Online Store instantly and receive a free domain name of your choice!

We provide you with an ability to *own* and operate your own 24/7 money making business without investing in any inventory, costly web site design and development, customer support, order fulfillment and other aspects necessary to start online business.

We provide you with a fully stocked shopping mall containing over 3,000 products at wholesale price
-> you mark up your own price
-> you make 75-150% profit, without ever buying products or fulfilling orders.

Your store package includes:
Fully Stocked Shopping Mall
Your Own Affiliate Program
Community Resources Area
Banner/Button Space (to sell or to trade)
Store management account
Tools to build your own pages and more!!!

Give it a whirl and maybe you'll be a tycoon in two years. ;)

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