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    Whether your the one driving or not.
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    Jan 2004
    My foot slipped off the brake pedal back in 91 and hit the back of the jeep. Beetle hood depressed, jeep unharmed.

    Cause: ice cream on my sole.

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    Oct 2002
    sumabit yung right corner ng front bumpers ko sa rear bumpers ng fx...noong year 2000 pa....

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    Jan 2005
    a 10-wheeler truck hit the left side of my lancer back in '99. nakayod and super kulpi yung side starting from the driver's side door portion, up to the front.

    dinaan kasi ng driver sa laki ng truck. and guess what? he was driving with a XEROX copy of his license way back in '96 pa and no valid current license.

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    Aug 2003
    Feb 12, 2000. Driving my 89 16V corolla coz my fuego had a flat and I forgot to tell my driver to report 5am so I drove by myself. 1030am coming from the province going back to the city. Following the lead of the strada in front of me, overtook a truck. When I was just overtaking it, the truck drifted to the middle of the road, kasi 2 lane road yun, one each opposite side. So I had to put my left side on the gravel road, held on to the steering wheel, and removed my foot from the gas pedal. Di pwede mag brake kasi the left tires are on gravel, the right side on asphalt. When I tried to turn the car back on the asphalt, ayaw kasi around 3-4 inches ang height difference, so kailangan lakasan para umakyat. Coz it was FWD, when the left tire hit the asphalt, nag overturn at nag swerve. I overcorrected by turning the steering back left, nag fish tail and the steering became unresponsive. The left front hit the 100 year old acacia tree on the left side of the road, I flew helicopter style, spinning horizontally in the air, falling down a 10 ft ravine, over 60 ft in the air, and fell on the ground, with the car facing towards the direction where I came from, meaning opposite to the original direction I was heading. Sabi nga yuung nakatambay sa sari sari store, he saw my mufflers nga as I flew in the air, parang greatest videos ala knight rider that you would see on AXN. Instead of turning turtle like you would see in Nascar, I hit a home made basketball post made out of those wooden electric posts, broke it in half when it hit the right side front door, with the thick wood backboard falling on my hood and windshield. Total wrecked the car estimated by insurance to cost over 200K to repair. The kicker in this story? Before I hit the tree, my wife and 2 kids flashed in front of me, yung mga visions you get just before you die. I lived because I was wearing my seat belt. But if my driver did drive, sigurado patay ako kasi the right side door was halfway inside the seat where I would have sat. My injury? Severe whiplash and a huge welt down the right side of my face when it hit the right side door that was halfway in. I later found out that place was accident prone, with so many people died on the same place, until they put the sto nino chapel nearby, then wala na raw namamatay, but the accidents continued.
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    Jul 2004
    pinaka grabe na nung bigla akong kinat ng 10-wheeler truck tapos sabay full stop pa sya.. sobrang bigla ko naabutan ko.. wasak radiator ko nun.. sana wala ng mas gagrabi pa don.. :car:

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    May 2004
    I hit a coconut tree with my Lancer 1990, that was in 1993. My car was totally wreck and I was hospitalized for almost one month due to ribs fractured. Ngayon safe driving na ako. hehehe

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    Mar 2005
    Mya nasagasaan akong squirel kawawa naman.

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    Nov 2004
    Sa Q. Ave Underpass coming from circle... Umuulan during that time at medyo maraming cars going through that underpass, i was travelling about 60-80 kmh tapos on one of those 'covered' sections of the underpass biglang may construction without any lights and poorly marked. Since this was a covered section of the underpass, halos pitch black na sa part na to so motorists were having a hard time seeing the construction, madami bigla nalang nagmmerge and motorists behind did not see why these drivers were swerving to the left.Since the construction was occupying 1 whole lane, we were only left with 1 lane to work with.

    In front of me, there was this motorcycle driver biglang nag merge, eh since may CRV sa memergan niya na lane, he was reluctant to move into that lane. bigla ba namang nag full stop yung motorcycle. leaving the CRV to brake hard to avoid hitting the motorclye. Eh ako yung nasa likod ng CRV, so i also had to brake hard. Since umuulan, may tires were had a hard time getting grip, lahat na ginawa ko para kumapit pero hindi nakayanan. Tumama ako sa likod ng CRV at about 40-60 kmh i think and right after that may tumama sa akin na Civic, really really hard. Syempre pati yung motorcycle driver tinamaan.

    End result, CRV got a dented muffler piece and various rear underchasis problems. The civic that hit me at my back was considered as a total wreck by the insurance since tumama na sa engine. As for me, my car's size was cut in half. Front end was a total mess as well as my rear end. Motorcycle was a bit dented and that was just about it.

    Sadly, my girlfriend, sitting at the passenger seat had half of her face bruised really bad, while I suffered only minor bruises on my knees and arms.

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    Oct 2002
    Mazda gen1 323 rental car sucked like hell, it locked at 25MPH!!! car slid 12ft or so and hit a 96 camry on some bridge in NY, whole hood crumpled, bumper moved, grille smashed, camry zero scratch or damage...

    cost of repair (due to lack of insurance), 2K USD...

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