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    Oct 2002
    Doc Phil,

    I just want some peace of mind. I was thinking that the WAP11 functions just like a regular hub/switch except that it's wireless. Am I correct or do i really have to connect this to a PC come showtime. I understand that you need a PC to configure it, but do you still need a PC while its in operation?

    kulit ko ano? Ideally this is what i want to happen: i'd just get an RJ45 and plug it into the WAP11, install the corresponding PCMCIAs into the Laptops and VOILA! Is this the expected scenario? TIA!!!

    John G, looks like merong issues with network security, anyways i'll deal with them pag meron nang formal response.

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    Oct 2002
    FrankD, sabi sa product docu, range is up to 1650 feet! w.o.w.

    Pucha! I feel i want a set for myself! I mean, for home!

    (pero kung point-to-point, there's an easier solution. I saw this USB wireless networking dongle that you just plug and play into any usb port and voila! networked! )
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  3. FrankDrebin Guest
    1650 feet uniterrupted?

    Pasensya na po mga peeps, sanay kasi ng lumuluhod sa sahig at umaakyat sakisame para magkabit ng UTP at magtabas at magpantay ng RJ45.

    Keep up the good info!

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    Oct 2002

    Yup, you said it right. You just have to plug the WAP11 into the RJ45, install the PCMCIAs into the laptops and you're done! Standalone na yung WAP. You don't need a PC attached to it to keep it running and in operation. You can setup the WAP wirelessly na. No need to attach a PC to it just to set it up. Once the WAP detects the WPC11 and linked na sila, you just have to fire up your browser and enter the router address to get into the setup. Web-based setup kasi siya using your browser to access the setup ng router. I think the address for linksys is usually

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Doc! One final Q.... Will the WPC11s support Wireless-G as well (if i got the Wireless-G version of the WAP11) or is there a corresponding WPC-11 for the wireless-g spec?

    Oh, and another 'Last Question' hehe: Is security an issue? I mean, if i had a WPC11, can i just connect to your wireless network?

    Youre one Doc high up on my techie meter! ;)
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    Jun 2004
    1650 feet uniterrupted?

    This is very unrealistic in a crowded world full of interference and obstructions. This is only achievable in the flat terrain dessert.

    802.11g is a good new standard for WLAN. It is tested up to 200 feet on a real world scenario given the interference and obstructions. It supports up to 54GB bandwidth. Disadvantage: Not yet widely accepted as standard by some WLAN vendors compared to 802.11b which is already a de facto standard for WLAN technology. though only runs on a 11 MBPS bandwith.

    Security: Remember than WLAN Transponder emits signals omnidirectionally. So, maybe we don't know someone is sniffing in our signals beyond our premise. But I think it is already taken into considerations by some vendors and they are encrypting their data.

    Users Bandwidth: WLAN shared bandwidth to users in a first come first served basis. meaning if you turn on your PC first, chances are you are eating most of the bandwidth and less for the remaining ports.

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    Oct 2002

    You can check out the specs of each product here:

    WAP11 is solely for Wireless-B only. It won't work with a Wireless-G. Same thing for the WPC11 which is only for Wireless-B. If you wanna go for Wireless-G, you will need a WPC54G PCMCIA to match your WAP54G. Got it?

    There is always dual-band if you want, pero mahal pa.

    Security is well-addressed in wireless networking. You'll learn about it more once you read the manual that comes with the package. Online help is built-in sa configuration ng Linksys WAP. Familiar terms would be SSID broadcast, MAC address filtering, etc.

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    Jun 2004

    just remember that WI-Fi's have very limited security system (or none at all at times). in setting up HotSpots (areas where u can have wireless access) keep in mind many things.
    will you be using it for internet access,
    for local area network only,
    LAN and internet,
    how many users,
    the topography (as discussed Wifi is limited to Line of sight connection),
    the security (if u want some security, you would setup a server for authenticationg username and passwords of users logging in * ur WLAN),
    and the equipments.

    the equipments should support user to user access.

    thanks. hope that helps. i know many suppliers kung gusto nyo pa setup. kasi sa telco ako work eh. and install ako hotspots. baka makakuha pa tayo discounts para sa offices nyo.

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    Oct 2002
    I agree with P800. Kaya nga sabi ko yung sa office WAP 11 namin naka-connect sa sya sa switch(router) since yung router namin may ip filtering capability. Yung 1650 feet uninterrupted sa LOS (line of site) yun but if there are obstructions iba na..................

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    Oct 2002
    I'm a Network Engineer by profession and briefly worked for Linksys. Before anything else, I would like to ask a few things with regards to your setup.

    1) What is the primary use for your WiFi setup?
    2) What is your budget?
    3) What type of PC's are you using (MAC, LINUX, WIN, etc.)
    4) How is your current network setup?

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