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    Oct 2002
    galeng galeng.

    pero grabe nga ung tanong, pano kung hindu siya ganyan ka talino.

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    Sep 2004
    :luv: You made all Pinoys proud!

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    Sep 2003
    beauty and brains.

    pero sabi ng officemate ko expected na raw ganyang tanong sa mga filipina contestants (but as domestic help and not as a nanny) and in any case, the same answer will apply.

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fLaKeZ
    galeng galeng.

    pero grabe nga ung tanong, pano kung hindu siya ganyan ka talino.
    Sampalin ko yung emcee. Hehehe.

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    Sep 2003
    ano naman kaya tinanong kina melanie marquez, gemma cruz?

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    Oct 2002

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    Jan 2005
    di,supalpal ang emcee! kasi masyadong mababa ang tingin sa atin...dapat lang talagang manalo cya...

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    Oct 2002
    totoo ba ito? I belive this is not true at all, bakit hinde na dyaryo? kasi ang alam kong tanong sa mga contestant is kung ano ang gagawin nila or wish yata if they win the crown, si lara lang yata ang sumagot ng gagawa siya ng foundation pra sa mga bata..and the other contestant answered that they want world peace or something...

    I might be wrong though....

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    Aug 2005
    Hurrah!! Pinoys exalted, not degraded.!! Brilliant answer.
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    Oct 2004
    I think it's a good question. buti nga Nanny eh... hindi DH (which is more accurate). It's harder to justify cleaning other people's toilet bowls as a government-encouraged employment option. If anything, I think our government should do everything in it's power to give our mothers and sisters better options here at home. It's not like they are seamen and engineers in the middle east who "race with the horses".

    I'll be honest. I am not proud that an archaic dictionary defines a Filipina as a domestic helper. I'm not callous. It hurts.

    btw, a line has been ommited from her statement, she said "atleast we are not like the Russians who are known for exporting prostitutes, bow".

    hehehe... joke. I think she is very pretty and really smart. She's a natural spin doctor.
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