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    Oct 2002
    99.5 RT <-- gaganda and babait ng mga DJ pramis! wanna meet anyb0dy fr0m them? tell me!! he3.
    Wave 89.1 <-- pag senti mode ako. huhuhu. =~(
    88.3 City Lite <-- pampatulog!! he3. lite lang pag driving.... :roll:

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    Oct 2002

    1-107.9 1-630 DZMM
    2-89.9 2-666
    3-93.1 3-89.9
    4-89.1 4-93.1
    5-99.5 5-107.9
    6-107.5 6-107.5

    pag traffic kasi i listen to AM stations.
    Most of the time i listen to 89.9 and 107.9sakin

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    Mar 2009
    Pag AM, dun ako sa DZMM 630 . . .

    Pag FM naman ay sa 90.7 ako tuned-in

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    nung grade school days LA Rock 105.9 at NU 107

    nung highschool days, ganun pa din pero pawala na ung LA Rock kaya NU 107 nalang, at minsan 96.3 pag nagiisip sa chicks

    nung college days NU107 pag remote control saturday lang at 96.3 hehe

    ngayon 105.1 na, bihira na sa NU kahit remote control sat pa at 96.3 at many cds.. nung sa dati na sentra cassette lang pwede, kaya nagkalat cassette sa auto

    bihira na kasi patutugtugin sa radjo ung mga rock n roll, grunge, ang heavy metal music

    puros emo na at modern eklat

    really miss the alice in chains days.. the pantera period... and the red hot chili peppers era

    damn.. music today has been the lamest of all.. maybe due to countless piracy and unlimited illegal downloads

    let's support the original! for the masterpiece... not for the new arrivals.. hehe

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whats your radio station?