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    Oct 2002
    work= khaki pants, blue jeans, long/short polo shirts, leather shoes.

    weekends= maong shorts, t-shirts, sneakers or boat shoes, cap.

    pambahay=boxer shorts, old t-shirts, tsinelas

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    Apr 2004
    weekdays, thank God for office uniforms. if may gimmick on weeknights, i don't mind showing up in my office uniform.

    but it's always jeans. depende naman sa top na ipapares mo sa jeans.

    *smart casual = jeans + long-sleeved polo shirt + boots
    *rugged = jeans + t-shirt + sneakers/rubber shoes
    *girly = jeans + blouse + slip-ons

    during dates, depende pa rin sa pupuntahan. we seldom go to places na may dress code naman.

    at home, shirt/tank and shorts. minsan inaabot ng maghapon in my jammies, lalo kung tinatamad maglakwatsa (which is most of the time anyways).

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    Oct 2002
    at work, coveralls, safety boots, hard hat. and since allergic ako sa kahit anong markings, i rip off all company patches and stickers. nasita na ako several times ng management, bakit daw wala company name patch ang coveralls and walang sticker ang hard hat. sagot ko lagi "you don't pay me enough so don't expect me to be proud of the company". tameme lang sila nyehehehe!

    sa bahay, shorts and sando/t-shirt.

    lakad, depende. jeans and polo shirt mostly.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by kimpOy
    Work= Shirt & Cargo Shorts & Sandals
    (i love my job)

    Japorms= Collared Shirt & Jeans

    Home= (2 Piece) Dalawang Medjas

    hehehe dalawang medyas lang sa bahay?
    :D :D bah.....okey yan....presko....harharharhar

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    Aug 2003
    hahaha! tipid sa labada.

    my get up for work is usually jeans, tshirt, sneakers - kahit may meeting. ehehe. sarap din ng walang dress code.

  6. FrankDrebin Guest
    Working Attire = tshirt, jeans, sneakers
    Non Working Attire = tshirt, jeans, sneakers
    House = J.P.S. and BeachWalk

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    Oct 2002
    JPS alam ko yan ah

    YCB meron ka rin?

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    Oct 2002
    JPS = yan ba yung brief na johnny player special?
    YCB = YC Bikini Brief?

  9. FrankDrebin Guest
    JPS = John Purontong Short

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    Oct 2002
    short shorts
    tight fitting sando (tucked in)
    sperry topsider

    hahaha!!! :p


    working (M-TH): tie, long sleeved polo, slacks, formal shoes
    working (F): polo, khaki / jeans (kahit bawal)
    casual: mix and match ng polo, khaki, shorts, jeans, suede shoes, running shoes
    pambahay: shirt and nyorts

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what is your get up?