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    Jan 2005
    I just wanted to share with you how my day started today.

    I was on leave yesterday and had my car detailed because I am planning to sell it. I travelled all the way to QC to have my car car detailed especially the insides. They did a good job of shampoing the seats, upholstery, roof and everything. However, when I got my car at 6pm, the insides was still a bit wet because it rained during the day, so they suggested that I leave the windows open during the night to dry off the uphostery.

    So when I went to sleep last night, I left the windows half open to let the air in. I thought, the worst thing that could happen is for my car to be infestested with mosquitoes in the morning. Well this was tolerable. I just have to leave the windows open during the first 1/4 part of my trip to the office to drive all (most of) the mosquitoes away.

    Initially, I was not planning to use this car today because the insides were still a bit wet but since my other car is banned today because of the number coding, I need to bring this car to the office.

    OK, fast forward to this morning: I got up late from bed this morning so I was in a hurry to take a bath and change. I was running late as it was already 9:00 am but since I am semi-retired in the office, I guess my office will not mind if I was a bit late. As I was about to leave the car, I need to put back the floormats which I left in the trunk last night. Did I mention that my car is a wagon? So when I opened the trunk, viola, the resident stray cat which my son keeps as a pet gave birth last night inside the trunk of the car. This cat was proudly looking at me while she was breast feeding 5 newly born kittens.

    Luckily for me, the cat gave birth on the floormats and not directly on the rug. Well, at least I thought she did. There were lots of blood scattered all over the floormat but none on the carpet.

    So I had to carefully remove the kittens and the mother cat from the trunk and put them in a cardboard box. I wasn't sure if the cat would scratch me for stealing her kittens but it was a good thing that she did not.

    I thought the ordeal was over. I said that I could still go to work despite this. I could live with the blood stench smell inside the car which was not too much though. I plan to leave the windows open when I drive to the office even though the rain was already drizzling.

    I got my old floor mats and put them over the wet carpet on the driver side while I asked our househelp to clean the soiled floormats later. So backed out the wagon to bring in the other car into the garage. As I did this, I smelled something unpleasant. I thought that I might have smelled some cat or dog poo somewhere near as the smell went away. I checked the soles of my shoes and there was no unpleasant objects there. So I finished switching the cars and as I was about to leave, I got the plastic bag where I put the contents of the car before I had it detailed yesterday. And again, I smelled the fould odor again. I asked our househelp if she smelled it too but she said that she did not. I even checked the contents of the plastic bag but there were none.

    So I went back to the car ready to leave for work. The weather was now drizzling harder so I thought there goes the newly shined paint of my car. As I was about to sit down on the driver's seat, I finally noticed that there was cat poo on the driver's seat! It was already flat which meant that I sat on it earlier. I checked my pants and true enough, there was cat poo splattered on it.

    I then check the driver's seat of the other car and there was also cat poo on it. Luckily this car had seat covers so I only need to wash the seat cover.

    As for the newly detailed / shampooed car, it was a mess. Unfortunately for me, I removed the seatcovers previously because I was planning to have this detailed. So the cat poo mess was directly on the uphostery of the driver's seat. OK, so this was already the cue that I was not going to work today. With rain drizzling over me, I decided that this was definitely not my day. This was a sign from God that I should just stay home surf the net and readup on my unread threads in Tsikot.

    But before doing that, I had to scrub the plastered cat poo from the driver's seat. I did my best to clean and shampoo the seat. I did not have the patience of removing the car seat so I just shampooed it inside the car.

    I just hope that I don't need to have my car detailed again otherwise it's P2700 down the drain.

    So for this morning, I had to contend with mosquitoes in my car, a cat which gave birth inside the car and the same cat pooing on the driver seat which spread to my pants and the seat cover of the other car.

    I hope you guys had a better morning that I did.

    Have a nice day!!

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    Oct 2002
    wow! very unlucky day for you chief..hope it gets better though..
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    Oct 2002

    i hope reading threads in tsikot somehow cheered you up...

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    Jul 2004
    hmmm... ayaw ka talaga papasukin. Baka your cat is trying to save you from somthing...

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    Dec 2003
    i bet if the windows were opened just a bit like 3 inches or something then this would have been avoided..oh well sh*t happens (no pun intended)..

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by bangad
    hmmm... ayaw ka talaga papasukin. Baka your cat is trying to save you from somthing...
    The worse aggravation of being on the road, perhaps?

    You know what they say about pets, they're supposed to shield their human owners from harm and illness. Tapos nanganak pa yung pusa niyo, eh di multiplied na yung protection mo. Eh sa oto mo pa naglabas, nabinyagan pa tuloy. Ok lang yan, it happens to the best of us. Just take it as a hint to stay home and take a break.
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    Aug 2003
    baka ayaw pabenta yung car mo. swerte daw ata yung mga cars na naanakan...

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    Jan 2005
    Thanks for your cheerful comments

    I got the same remarks from my officemantes when I told them why I was not in the office today. Surprising, nobody doubted my story.

    I checked the car seat just now and it seems that I don't need to redo my interior detailing. Thank god.

    Well, I am enjoying my day by resting (no work), playing with my kid and doing more surfing.

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by graphire
    baka ayaw pabenta yung car mo. swerte daw ata yung mga cars na naanakan...
    Really??? I have not heard of that one. Swerte pala pang na-anakan sa kotse? Sabi din naman nang mga kaibigan ko, magkaka-pera daw ang nakaupo sa poo-poo.

    Wow. dobleng swerte kaya ako sa incident na ito??

    Hmmmm. sign nga ba na huwag kong ibenta ito???

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    May 2005
    siguro sa isip ng office mo .. hindi kaya ng imagination mo yung fantastic excuse na iyon .. it can only be true .. hehe ..

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