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    Apr 2004
    after the "shut up, mr speaker," senator miriam told senator nene to...

    Just write memoirs on *** life
    By Joel Francis Guinto 10 Jun 04, 3:10 PM (Manila Time)

    INSTEAD of filibustering to stall the canvass, opposition Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. should just write his memoirs, which chronicle his "active" *** life, Senator-elect Miriam Defensor-Santiago said Thursday.

    "(Pimentel should) write his memoirs. It's far more interesting than the speech he delivered last Tuesday," Santiago told reporters.

    "Especially his (Pimentel's) ***ual exploits, which I suspect is very active," said Santiago, Pimentel's former ally in the opposition bloc...

    Santiago said filibustering was an "obsolete legislative procedure" and the majority could stop a filibuster with a vote under the "cloture rule."

    "Filibuster is the synonym of logorrhea, logomania, runaway tongue, and verbal diarrhea," she said.

    sila po ang mga taong ibinoto natin... :lol:

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    Oct 2002
    Yari nanaman at tinopak ulit. :D

what mirian has to say to pimentel...