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    Sep 2003
    langya....buhay pa pala yung isa. pinanood lang ng mga tao, pulis at sikyu.
    walang tulmulong o nag-sugod sa ospital, baka naisalba pa.

    Video on SM Pampanga shooting sparks PNP probe | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

    MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday said it is investigating a YouTube video on the SM Pampanga shooting, which showed policemen and mall security watching one of the victims while he was still alive.

    PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz said the investigation will look into the possible culpability of police officers and security guards who were seen in the video.

    "Ire-review po nating lahat yan ginawang procedure and for them to submit a report," he said.

    Two minors, aged 13 and 16, were killed during a shooting incident inside SM City in San Fernando town, Pampanga province last September 20. Police said the younger boy shot his companion due to a lovers' quarrel. The incident was the second shooting inside an SM mall in a week and sparked concerns over lapses in mall security.

    In the YouTube video, both boys can be seen lying on the floor inside the mall. One of the two victims was lying face down but still moving his feet. He then rolled into a lying down position but did not get up. The video also showed a photographer taking pictures of the 2 boys while security personnel walked near the two victims.

    Based on the PNP Manual on Crime Scene Operations, Cruz said the police who acted as first responder to a crime should not touch or move the involved persons but rather make an immediate call for an emergency response unit to save any injured persons. Hesaid the situation is comparable to any vehicular accident where the police officers cannot act as rescuers since they are not wellskilled and trained to do first aid operations.

    "Hindi pwedeng hilahin ng pulis ang biktima. Kailangan dumating muna mga rescuer, mga emergency personnel. Baka kasi may injuryna hindi pa nakikita," he said. He added: "Ang unang dapat gawin ay humingi ng tulong sa expert, tumawag ng ambulansiya, baka any movement of the victim will aggravate the situation, kailangan hintayin may enough skill dahil baka makalala pa sa situation."

    Mall guards had first aid kit

    Emergency Response expert Edward Cuenca of EMT and SCAN International Emergency Response Unit reviewed the video uploaded in You Tube and saw some irregularities among the first responders seen on cam. Cuenca questioned the appropriateness of whoever was taking pictures while the victims were grimacing in pain. He also noted the seemingly lack of cordon or security by the police, making it possible for bystanders to simply walk by the crime scene.

    "Yung pulis sana kinordon na agad, nilayo na agad yung mga sibilyan," he said.

    Cuenca said while they may have called for help, the police should have immediately taken pictures of the bodies lying on the floorand should have evacuated immediately the injured persons for the purpose of saving his life. "Kung nakitang buhay pa, nag shoot na dapat ng picture, label, mark, and as much as possible dinala na agad," he said.

    Cuenca also took notice of the mall guards who were wearing first aid kit bags around their waist but did not do anything to stop the bleeding. "Pe-pwede sanang nagamit yun, pero ang tanong, ano laman ng first aid kit na yun?" he asked. However, Cuenca said he cannot blame both the police and security guards if they did not take action, especially if in their minds,they are not trained to handle such gunshot wounds.

    He said police and security guards should undergo tactical paramedic training to better equip themselves for incidents like the SM Pampanga shooting.

    SM: Video confirms cops restricted access

    In response to the new scandal, SM issued the following statement:

    "We have viewed the amateur video taken shortly after the unfortunate and tragic September 20 incident. "We hope that the same could have been brought to the police authorities' attention sooner to aid in their investigation. "As the video itself confirms, police authorities had arrived soon after the incident, placed the scene under their jurisdiction, took over the investigation, and restricted access to the victims.

    "We are one with the victims' family in their grief and have been continuously cooperating with authorities. Security measures across our malls have already been beefed up."

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    Nov 2010
    ^yari mga eskyu dyan dapat. Wala man lang nag-try tumulong eh. tsk tsk

    May nagpipicture pa eh. Ano ba yan!?

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    Sep 2003
    I think no amount of help would have saved them, since the bullet injuries were to the brain. And the movement look more like reflexes than actual movement. THey were both alive when brought to the hospital but already comatose. Ginagawang issue lang ng media parasite para ma shakedown yung SM. It's purely suicide, end of story.

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    May 2006
    Mahirap kasi tumulong ngayon ng kusa baka mapano yung biktima ikaw pa masisi..

    Ang sakin lang, bago mag sisihan lets start from the top, magulang, kung pano pinalaki ang anak..

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    Oct 2002
    kung wala kang medical background paano ka tutulong? kung umaepal ka at dinala mo sa hospital at namatay on the way, kasalanan mo pa. baka nga naman involuntary muscle twitching na lang yun kaya gumagalaw.

    ang proper way is tumawag ng medical personnel at hintayin huwag umepal at makialam kung hinde rin alam ang gagawin.

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    Nov 2010
    But security and police personnel are trained in basic first aid. Even Just the blocking of the wound to stop blood gushing out is enough move to show that they are somehow competent and knowledgeable. HS students nga tinurturuan na niyan eh.

    May mga duwag or incompetent na sekyu/police din lang talaga sa pagkakataon na yan! tsk

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    Aug 2004
    Contrary to popular belief, you can survive a bullet to the brain, especially if it's a low caliber bullet. Chances are even better if it's not a hollow point and it goes straight in instead of fragmenting every which way.

    Depending on where in the brain it goes, you will have some impairment, but you could live. Stopping the bleeding would have lessened the blood loss and oxygen starvation of brain tissues and could have saved at least one of the victims. Simply bandaging the wounds could have done that.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Nov 2005
    syempre walang gagalaw sa mga yan

    pag ginalaw mo baka ikaw pa masisi pag may nangyari

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post
    syempre walang gagalaw sa mga yan

    pag ginalaw mo baka ikaw pa masisi pag may nangyari
    with how the philippines work... that is so true.

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    Nov 2010
    I agree that only those with actual training should do this first aid procedure. But those cops and security personnel did have their training. Sayang lang, hindi nila ginamit.

    Yung mga pulis at sekyu na yan or kung sino man sa atin, eh papano kung kamag-anak nila yung andun sa sitwasyon. Ewan lang kung ano reaksyon.

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Video on SM Pampanga shooting sparks PNP probe