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    May 2006
    Hi guys! I'm looking into studying out-of-the-country... I am a Human Resource practitioner and I want to know what are the top schools which offer HR masters programme and their corresponding world rankings... I searched the net but only found the top universities in the world... not the top university in offering HR masters... Any of you might be of help?

    So far, I have the following in mind:

    Cornell University and NY University
    University of Melbourne
    Manchester U

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    Oct 2004
    Hey...I was just goofing around and did a search on Cornell and this post popped up.

    I did my MBA at Cornell but also took a joint program with the ILR (Industrial and Labor Relations) School. Very few Pinoys took classes there so you can say it's your lucky day.

    This was in the late 90s so my information might not be up to date but what are your questions?? Ask away!!

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