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    Aug 2004
    Haha... survival expert... yeah, I'm an expert at weathering storms, and I could've just stayed in Laguna until the power came back, pero wala na ako sa mood.

    Everyone was telling me I was nuts for wanting to take the car out to Quezon City... "di ka ba takot sa baha?" But I knew exactly why it flooded and where it was flooded, and I didn't feel like leaving the car out on the road... isang gabi lang, ginawang patungan ng kandila ng mga street people na natutulog sa lilim ng bowling alley!

    I don't begrudge them the light or warmth, pero ang dami namang ibang puwedeng patungan!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2006
    Keep strong men after all you'v been through don't let spirits down stay strong. nice to hear that the baby's ok. F*ck*ng typoon!!!!

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    Sep 2004
    glad to know you and your family are all safe, sir niky.

    hang in there, after the storm comes bountiful blessings. God bless you and may He provide for your needs as you recover.

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    Aug 2004
    Which probably means I should bet on the Lotto...

    But thanks anyway... we're okay.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2006
    glad to know that everybody's safe...

    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Thanks guys. It wasn't really that bad, as I was numb through the whole thing. Having had my house flooded previously, burned two or three times, eaten by termites and robbed twice, I'm kinda numb to a loss of property. What really hurts is how much work I'll have to do to restore it, and how little extra money I'll have at the end of the year because I'll be spending a lot in repairing the presses.
    sad to know what you and your house had endured over the years...

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    Oct 2002
    wow, that's terrible. does your family own the business? do you have insurance?

    i can completely sympathize, being the victim (beneficiary?) of several near misses over the past three years (Katrina missed us by near miles). sorry that this thing didn't miss you as well.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Which probably means I should bet on the Lotto...

    But thanks anyway... we're okay.

    Keep the faith bro.

    Others are in worse situation.


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    Jan 2005
    wow. quite an experience.

    niky, .

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    Sep 2005
    Sir Niky san po kau nakatira? Yung binaha?

    Am planning to loan out a house in Cavite... probably somewhere in GMA kc.. Carmona sana kaso sabi nung friends ko taga Gen Trias mababa raw dun bka bahain...

    Sir Niky pede po nyo ipadala yan sa Reader's Digest... I've read a lot of those stories from other disasters... Eye opener po yan...
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    Apr 2005
    Sir, not only you OUTWIT and OUTPLAY "milenyo" but YOU conquered the storm and your fear.....

    Agree you are certified Survival Expert.

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