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    Aug 2006
    Hello mga tsikoteers, kelangan ko lang ng konting tulong sa school. Sa speech class ko kse ang next presentation namin is Persuasive Speech. Medyo mahina ako sa public speaking eh, and this time it seems like hindi ako makapag-decide kung anong topic dapat gawin ko.

    I need a topic that;

    -will have three main points i.e. problem, cause, and soulution or cauase, effect, and solution
    ~for example, is there something that you strongly believe in? something
    that you believe everyone should pay attention to? something that you
    think people change for . . . what is the problem? what causes it? and
    how do you solve it?

    -a little be interesting to everyone in the class

    -will link me to most people in the class

    -any topic that you could ever think of as long as it exists!

    -and finally it has to be PERSUASIVE

    All I need is some suggestions, that's it thanks a lot!
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    Jan 2004
    The best dyan is an issue where you have very clear convictions as to which side you're on. Para you can talk about it with passion. Once you've got the passion, next thing to add is facts.

    Then lastly is the call to action. Specific/concrete next step(s). Like, "vote now!" or "use E10 now" or "use Diesel now".

    Daming topic search ka sa ng hot topics like: Legalizing marijuana, is there a God, global warming, **** on TV/Internet...

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    Dec 2005
    Topic On Pre-Marital *** should be an interesting piece for a persuasive speech....


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    Oct 2002
    You could also look at the hot topics here in tsikot where you posted before
    such as:
    1. Religion Thread
    2. Should Maids wear uniform
    3. Will the airplane fly hehehe

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    Jan 2003
    avoid religion and political issues... kung ayaw mo maging debate ang kalalabasan nito... saka baka makitaan ka ng butas ng prof mo or a classmate who does not share your views... you could try social issues na relevant sa society natin like yun declining educational system, plight of health workers, declining english proficiency, increasing poverty rate etc....

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    Oct 2002
    or which chocolates are the best...herherherher

    sowi.....kagagaling ko lang dun sa chocolate thread eh.....

    how about proposing a lemon law for us consumers? you can get some facts on the lemon civic thread or the crosswind problem that one of our forumers here encounter....andyan din yung american van that is made of M2 yata ang thread starter non.....

    ayyy may isa pa.....Does Pacman should or should not run for an office?? yan siguradong maraming magiging interested since fresh pa ang panalo nya sa minds ng mga tao....or anything about Gringo....herherherherherr

    the key is, kung ano yung latest issue in a society, mas madaling kang makakakuha ng the problem is how to get facts for that and how to persuade your audience.....

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    Oct 2006
    Pick up a topic w/ HUMOR (quite amusing)....that'll be the best for persuasive speech....that's 100% sure...

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by CVT View Post
    Topic On Pre-Marital *** should be an interesting piece for a persuasive speech....

    This one could be ...Well, it really depends on the speaker, you should be very convincing..

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    Oct 2004
    krispy kreme worth it or not.


    Edit political topic > *

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    Jan 2003
    You can talk about-

    Traffic problem
    Effect of text messaging on proper grammar/ spelling

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