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    Jan 2003
    I saw this being mentioned in another thread, but that thread's locked now.

    Nung una kong nakita to, nabanas ako, feeling ko pauso nanaman, not even a good one at that. Took me a while too to figure out it meant "pedestrian crossing".

    So, imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same sign... in CALIFORNIA! Somebody asked if this was an international symbol or something. Go figure.

    Does anyone here know more about this? International or not, I still think it's lousy and uninformative! :D

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    Nov 2002
    Stop, look, listen but
    first look for Ped Xing
    Posted: 2:52 AM (Manila Time) | Aug. 05, 2003
    By Tarra Quismundo
    Inquirer News Service

    WHO is Ped Xing?

    He is obviously a friend to people who pound the streets of the metropolis.

    But strangely, others don't have the faintest idea who Xing is and the good he has done in bringing order to the urban jungle. And so Xing remains even to this day an enigma to many people.

    But when you cross streets in Manila -- before you stop, look and listen -- you need to find Ped Xing.

    "It's Pedro Xing-Hua, from a wealthy Chinese family," Manila Mayor Lito Atienza said in jest in one forum at the Westin Philippine Plaza, after one of the guests asked him to reveal once and for all who Ped Xing was.

    The name must have intrigued the guest, who, in asking Atienza, mentioned that Ped Xing's street signs were unique.

    Ped Xing is written in bold black letters against yellow. All others, like Pedro Gil, Padre Faura, Jose Abad Santos, and A. Mabini are written in white letters against a green background.

    And unlike them, Ped Xing's name is all over the city.

    So who is Ped Xing? He is Chinese, he is Filipino, he is every nationality when he or she crosses the street. Ped Xing simply means "Pedestrian Crossing."

    A clerk at the Manila City Hall Engineer's Office said she thought all along that Ped Xing was the name of the company which made the street signs.

    "I thought the name was replaced after the sign has been put in place," said Adora Antonio of the Engineer's Office-industrial safety division.

    Others thought Xing was a Chinese historical figure.

    Dan Simeon, an architect at the City Development and Planning Office, said the installation of the Ped Xing street signs began early this year as part of an on-going project called Lighted Street Sign and Multi-Traffic Signals.

    It can be seen along the city's main avenues, including Roxas Boulevard near Rizal Park, and the US Embassy, along España, Jose Abad Santos, and Taft avenues.

    "I think Manila is the only city in the Philippines where the Ped Xing street sign has been installed," Simeon said.

    Long live Ped Xing!


    eto pa isa..

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    Nov 2002
    A big yellow PEDESTRIAN CROSSING sign is better.

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    Oct 2002
    i'm 40 years old and i've never wondered what PED XING means. that's because ever since i was little i've seen it posted on sections of road where pedestrians cross.

    the reason, probably, why you are all confused is that you've never seen the sign before. and you have never seen it before because the past administrators of the cities you live in had not been concerned about road safety and therefore has not maintained the road signs. only now that you have more responsible people in local government do you see those PED XING signs again.

    but even if you have not seen a PED XING sign before, surely you have seen where these are placed. and knowing what the wide, parallel yellow or white lines on the road, preceded by that wide perpendicular line called the "limit line" mean, you should have deduced right away that PED XING means "pedestrian crossing". especially as "X" means "cross" in any language.

    but you must either be bad drivers or bad pedestrians not to know what those damn lines on the road mean.

    btw, the limit line must never be crossed by vehicles when the light is red. that is in fact the start of the PED XING and drivers should give pedestrians a wide berth.

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    Oct 2002
    when i saw this thread, i laugh my heart out.

    when i first saw this in Taft, i thought it was a name of the street.
    Then i saw it again in Q Ave

    I was laughed at by my gf when i asked it secretly.....

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    Oct 2002
    Tama si Yebo. That's why you see stuff like Xtian, AutoXer (hehe) etc. X takes the place of cross.

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    Jul 2003
    nung nakita ko to sa metro manila first time ko talaga siyang nakita sa taft sa may lasalle, kasi i came from the province eh, wala road signs masyado. pero mabilis ko siyang nagets kasi sa discovery channel ata yun i saw 1 sign na PANDA XING.. hehe so gets ko na ang PED XING

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    Oct 2002
    Xmas, Xtine

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    Aug 2003
    hmmm, so ung X-rated films are actually read as cross-rated? kasi mapapa hesus-marya-josepha ka sa mapapanood mo? jk B).

    mas universal ata ung pedestrain crossing na sign/icon/symbol. kahit japanese, chinese or iraqi, alam kung anong ibig sabihin

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    Oct 2002

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