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    Dec 2003
    Optical mouse in the current form/tech is better than traditional mechanical mouse. I think the only negative as of right now is the price. I normally use logitech, this is my 3rd logitech in my lifetime. My past logitechs did not breakdown, I either sold them or gave them.

    My brother in law has a MX700, its pretty good. Just expensive, so I just bought a normal logitech optical mouse. Hindi na rin kasi ako gamer these days, sayang kung bimili ako ng MX700.

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    Nov 2002
    just avoid a4tech brand, ang dali masira last year tatlong mouse ang bumigay.. i tried their optical was fine..when it worked!..ayun nagweird may utak ng sarili.. hay i gave up on that brand (maski yung normal nilang mouse madali din masira, sa office sira din kaagad).. now im just using a normal Genius mouse.. alang problema...konting linis linis lang ng roller ehehe

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    Jul 2003
    sir boybi maganda ba ang trackball hindi ba mahirap kesa sa mouse?

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    Jul 2003
    actually im using a4 tech mouse na optical..walang problem un nabili ko..nagagandahan pa nga ako eh hehehe i dunno, ang ayaw ko lang naman na brand ng mouse eh yung genius hehe

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    Oct 2002
    for me, there is no comparison - optical is the best by far in all aspects. even though it costs a little more, i would argue that it's a wash because it will last you longer (my old ball mice eventually would stop working because of the dirt - that may be my fault though)

    the only con of optical is that it can blind you if you look into the red beam :D

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by pissword
    sir boybi maganda ba ang trackball hindi ba mahirap kesa sa mouse?
    sanayan lang. ang maganda sa trackball, naka fixed lang sya sa table, pwede mo rin ilagay lap mo kung medyo tamad ka na tapos naka sit back ka sa reclining chair

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    Oct 2002
    only pro i can think of now is that the opticals really work well with counterstrike...

    oh well...

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    Jan 2004
    Ngayon lang ako nakapag-optical sa office. Sa bahay puro mouse or trackball na ordinary.

    So far, ok naman. Eto yung stock ng IBM. (Stock? Ano yan? Kotse? ) Pareho lang naman ang operation, although tama sila, hindi na kailangang maglinis ng ball eventually.

    Ang worry ko lang dito, baka naman the buttons are just as good as the regular mouse buttons. Kasi sa akin nauunang masira yung button kesa yung roller. Masyado yata akong malakas pumindot. Hehehe.

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    Oct 2002
    best bang for the buck para sakin yung logitech optical mouse value...850 lang! sulit na sulit

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    Aug 2003
    mas accurate ung optical mouse, plus it's supposed to last longer than mechanical mice since it has fewer moving parts.

    i guess for ordinary use di mo mapapansin ung accuracy nya...pero pagdating cguro sa games or CAD/CAM or desktop publishing stuff, dun mo sya maappreciate

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optical mouse ano pros/cons nito