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    Mar 2005
    on the brighter side, yan na lang ang missing ingredient ng Korean ingenuity to make world-class cars at par with the Japs

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    Oct 2004


    Edit you might be onto something

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    May 2006
    Sinasabi lang nila....don't mess with us, or else we will blow you up sky high.

    Tapos....sasabihin nila, give us this and that or else we will blow you up sky high.

    In the end, they will be will blow up someone or somewhere anyway regardless.

    Ano kaya mangyayari dito sa Pinas, pag nakaguera doon?

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    Oct 2004
    After iran maybe.......:spider:


    Edit We'll probably be a jump off point after japan :sad:

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    Apr 2006
    Logic and North Korea does not go hand-in-hand. They do not see the world as you and I see it. They even have their own versions of historical events. Diplomats have been trying for years to find common ground with the NoKors but all attempts fail.

    WARNING, arm-chair analyst-cum-general personal opinion follows!!!

    Though North Korea has shown that it now has weapons-grade nuclear capability. It remains to be seen when they can deploy actual weapons (possibly nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles). It is not anymore a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when'. A nuclear North Korea is a severe de-stabilizing factor in the region. If allowed to develop further, North Korea will hold the world hostage threatening to use its nuclear weapons for concessions. If the world community submits to their every demands, it will only embolden them to gain more concessions. In effect, North Korea is a terrorist's wet-dream.

    In my opinion, this bullshit has to stop. A unilateral military action, led by the South Koreans and aided by her allies, should end this problem the way it should have ended way back in 1953. Hopefully, this time China will not step to help North Korea.

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by HIFI View Post
    Ano kaya mangyayari dito sa Pinas, pag nakaguera doon?
    You shouldn't worry too much, I think. With the absence of the US military bases, the Philippines hold no strategic value for the US should the conflict arise. The US military bases in South Korea, Okinawa and Guam hold much more strategic value, therefore, are more likely targets for the North Koreans. At least, that is if they are thinking logically. Like I said, they have a weird sense of logic so they might just send a missile at the Philippines out of spite.

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    Jun 2003
    well, next to test might be Iran... an inspired Iran as N. Korea "successfully" tested it. Iran is also building up its Nuclear program. Its abit scary since N. Korea tested rockets in July I think. Maybe these are the rockets that will carry the nuke warhead.

    Medyo concerned talaga lahat ng nations because the intent of these countries are abit "unknown". Pano kase, may mga remarks against Jews and the holocaust hehehe Iran does not recognize the holocaust. Who would'nt be concerned if someone with a mind set like this would posses a nuke? I think Hitler was the last person in power to have similar sentiments against the jews. Its like germany pre-WWII... after WWI they were imposed with sanctions and they took it to heart. hatred built up... They amassed weapons but other countries did'nt took it seriously esp after exhausting so much on WWI. So now, as N Korea builds up its military other countries view it as preparation for something. until they fully disclose their intent it will always be under the radar. Kaya any move or test they make - nagiging critical yun ibang countries.

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    Oct 2002
    Surprisingly people here in the south are pretty laid back about it, as they are with everything the north does. I guess 50 years of strife isn't enough to make them forget that they have brothers and sisters on the other side.

    The only thing really affected here is the stock market which took a tumble and will probably continue to drop this week.

    It's actually pretty weird when you're here, people from other countries are more worried about it than locals and it tends to rub off on you.

    But I'll be keeping my ear to the ground just in case.

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    Aug 2003
    send a strike team and get rid of kim jong il. that'll take care of some of the problem at least. sya pa din naman ata nagdi-dictate ng karamihan ng policies ng NK.

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    Sep 2006
    Ok lang yan, Nagtest naman sila sa loob ng bansa nila e. Yun France nga nagtest sila sa international waters few years back e Pakialamero kasi mga kano e, gusto nila sila lang ang super power sa mundo e. U.S & U.K are the true axis of evil!

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North Korea Performs Nuclear Test