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    Minimize use of Christmas lights to save earth, says solon
    By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
    First Posted 12:19:00 11/19/2010

    MANILA, Philippines – Here comes the Grinch!

    For Aurora Representative Juan Edgardo Angara, the glitter and glamor of Christmas lights adorning malls and commercial centers this season is not at all doing the environment any good.

    The lawmaker appealed to mall owners and local government officials to minimize the use of lighted Christmas decorations to save energy and help mitigate the effects of global warming.

    “I don't want to play the Grinch this Christmas season but we can celebrate the birth of our dear Jesus by helping save our planet. The use of so much Christmas lights and other decors that uses electricity should be minimized because lights are among the top greenhouse gas contributors on our planet,” Angara said.

    Quoting researches, Angara said lights contributed 24.6% of the total greenhouse gas emissions around the world, making it the biggest contributor to global warming.

    Angara also said too much use of Christmas lights and other decors using electricity were causing increased demand for oil.

    “We are not just contributing to the destruction of our planet. We are also providing oil companies the best reason to jack up their prices,” Angara said.

    Angara observed that many of Metro Manila's commercial districts and several local government units have begun putting up Christmas trees, lanterns and other Christmas decors adorned with colorful Christmas lights.

    “They are really beautiful to watch and they make us really feel that indeed, Christmas is near. However, there are things that are more important than making our people happy through this extraordinary display of lights. We have to help save the planet if we want our children's children to continue celebrating Christmas for many generations to come,” Angara said.

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    Global warming eh?

    Maybe he should try cutting down the over-use of airconditioning and other wasted electrical usage (lights, etc in rooms empty of people) in the house of congress.

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    Naobserbahan ko nga wala pang mga Christmas light na nakakabit sa mga bahay.

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    Tell that to the guys at Policarpio St, Mandaluyong.......

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    save the earth?

    illegal loggers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinyo View Post
    save the earth?

    illegal loggers?

    Agree....dun sa Aurora, dami nyan.

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    Puntahan ninyo mga bahay ng mga Senador at ibang politico ....makikita natin na punong-puno ng christmas lights....

    naku magpapaniwala tayo sa mga sila mismo daming lights...

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    E kung.....

    Minimize the use of Taxpayers Money

    Kaya ba nila?

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    Smoke-belching jeepneys, baka hindi nila nakikita yun.

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    christmas LED lights na lang

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NEWS: Minimize use of Christmas lights to save earth, says solon