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    Oct 2002
    Not sure kung luma na to... inerase ko nalang yung phone number and last name.

    This was a resume sent to a call center. hehehehe!

    I. Personal Background

    1. Name: Marjorie Bxxxxxx Lxxxxx

    - Everybody calls me Gigi though. I suits me better than
    Marjorie or Marj. I think a Gigi is someone who is fun, outgoing,
    smart, everybody's pal.Someone who can think fast on her feet and
    lands on them too! Most of all, a Gigi is someone who gets hired to do
    the job.

    2. Birthday: February 25,1975

    - Undoubtedly, a very memorable day for my mother Maria. Most
    probably not so memorable for my father since he abandoned us shortly
    afer (but that's another story)
    - Which means that my zodiac sign is Pisces and that I was born
    in the year of the Rabbit

    3. Sibling: Marcial Laurence Barboza Lopez

    - I call him Mat though, which is short for Matutina.
    Apparently, his friends found his squeaky voice was just like
    Matutina's of Marsha and John. He does not sound like Matutina now but
    the name stuck.
    - We used to fight a lot when we were kids but we get along like
    a house on fire now. He's married with two kids.

    II. Educatonal Background

    1. Primary Level: Nalsian Elementary school

    - Incidentally, the same school where my mom taught for 30 years.
    She was even my sixth-grade teacher. The fact that I graduated
    valedictorian was due to my superiior intelle ct and not because she
    was my adviser. Honest.

    2. Secondary Level: PSU Laboratory High School

    - Located in the town of Bayambang, it is about 4 kilometers
    away from our home. There were only 20 boys and 20 girls in a class
    and each year was composed of one section so we were pretty small
    compared to the national high school, which also meant that everybody
    knew everybody.
    Funny thing was, my brother and I acted like we did not even know
    each other. I told you we did not get along pretty well in high

    - Most memorable experience was when all 20 girls in our class
    went to a classmate's house to watch a ****ographic movie while her
    parents were away.

    3. Tertiary Level: U.P. Diliman and AMA Computer College-Dagupan

    3.1. Big City

    - I went to U.P. Diliman where I took up B.S. Statistics. To
    this day, I cannot explain what made me chose Statistics as my major.
    Mathematics and I mix as well as oil and water. Eventually, I
    discovered SM malls and got interested in attending them more than my
    Ending: an unfinished education and a whole lot of regrets.(Kids if
    you are reading, don't do this at home)

    3.2. Small City

    - After my disastrous stint in the big city, I hanged out at
    home for 2 years --- until mom put her foot down: finish your
    education or else! I wanted to go back to Manila but mom promptly
    vetoed the idea due to my past "record" in the big city. I went to
    Dagupan, where the biggest mall (at that time) could be easily fitted
    inside Megamall Building A (and still have enough room to play
    football) and the movies were like weeks too late or never get shown
    at all. I excelled in my studies mainly because competition was
    scarce ( and I mean SCARCE), there were not that much distractions
    and my mother watched me like a hawk. I finally got my degree in
    Scienc e.

    III. The Aftermath

    - I got an invitation to apply for a teaching job at AMA shortly
    after. I applied and got it. It only took me one trimester to know
    that teaching is not for me. My schedule was a mess. I had a class at
    7 in the morning and the next one would be at 5 in the afternoon. I
    preferred continuous action. Of course, my patience and listening
    ability really improved, what with students who could not grasp
    elementary concepts and those who needed to be heard more than to be
    lectured. I quit and became a professional couch potato. My mother
    was not exactly ecstatic about my decisions but she was not exactly
    unhappy either because she gained a live-in
    housekeeper/cook/nanny/laundrywoman in me. Heck, I even did the
    windows. I was like a well-trained housewife minus the philandering
    husband and kids.

    IV. The Present

    - I can not believe it! I've got acne all over my face. Why now
    when all throughout my teenage years, not one zit popped out? I have
    tried every over-the-counter medications but nothing seems to help. I
    have come to the conclusion that this would require professional
    treatment. VIcky Belo or Pie Calayan comes to mind. Unfortunately,
    this would mean money which I don't have right now. My solution? Come
    again to the big city and get a job. Besides, I've come to realize
    that I am not fully utilizing my full potential by just staying at
    home and playing housekeeper. I mean I am smart and intelligent and
    f unny and talented and honest and hardworking and trustwothy and (ok
    ok you get the point) I need to go out on dates,(paging eligible men
    who prefer personality and humor to
    aesthetics) to rent my own place and be independent and to go to the
    malls and actually buy something. In other words, I need to
    experience life! But first things first, I need a job to jumpstart my
    V. The Future

    - Driving the latest RAV 4 (my dream car), my mom and I are on
    our way home after shopping and dining-out. My acne is gone and my
    mom looks younger than her years. Tomorrow, I have a date with the
    man of my dreams. My career is flourishing and luck is on my side - I
    have just won the Lotto jackpot!!!

    VI. The Verdict

    - I know that this is not the usual resume you receive and
    hopefully read. Fact is, I have tried writing a typical resume but I
    always find the finished product bland and uninteresting and it does
    not convey the real me. I hope you give this resume a fair chance.

    Mobile Number: 0921-8xxxxxxx
    Home Number : 4xx-xxxx
    Provincial Address: 84 Nxxxx Nxxxxx Bxxxxxxx, Pangasinan
    City Address: 1xx-A J.XXXXXXX St.Proj. x, Quezon City
    Gettysburg's Address: Four score and seven years ago......
    My crush's address: I'm still investigating

    I certify that all the things that I wrote down are true. I should know, it's my life!

    Sincerely Yours:


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    Dec 2003
    ano yan biography? hehe

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    Oct 2002
    theveed eh yung surname naman nung sibling niya hindi mo na edit he..he

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    Oct 2002
    Oy... bagong style yan para sa mga new grads. Hehe. ;)

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    Oct 2002
    kimpoy heheh o nga no.

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kimpOy
    theveed eh yung surname naman nung sibling niya hindi mo na edit he..he
    hmm so that means..

    Marjorie Bxxxxxx Lxxxxx = Marjorie Barboza Lopez?

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    May 2005
    .. ang tanong eh .. kung makatanggap kayo ng resume na ganito .. would you hire her ? ..

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    Aug 2003
    i was reading a sheaf of resumes 30 minutes ago for a front desk job in one of our salons. natawa ako dito! that resume will certainly grab my attention. as for hiring her? well.....

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by diesoline
    i was reading a sheaf of resumes 30 minutes ago for a front desk job in one of our salons. natawa ako dito! that resume will certainly grab my attention. as for hiring her? well.....
    Dugtongan ko na lang ang sinabi ni diesoline. AS FOR HIRING HER? WELL.... depends on her picture, and actual looks.... baka available pa kasi investigating pa raw yung crush's address.

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    Oct 2002
    (paging eligible men who prefer personality and humor to aesthetics)
    I doubt it sir altec hehehehe...kakaibang resume nga to...pero naniniwala ba kyong naging valedictorian sya nung grade 6 dahil matalino sya at hindi dahil adviser nya ang nanay nya?

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