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    Jul 2005
    van wilder nag run ba yun most wanted sa NIVIDIA mo now... na try mo na ba?

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    Oct 2002
    Nadownload ko demo nito (544MB aaaarrrgghh), and I can actually run it on my Centrino 1.5GHz laptop with 256MB ram and on-board Intel video. Basta lowest Video settings. It looks like good stuff, except they still don't have dashboards like Porche Unlimited, I really liked the way you can see the body move around you depending on how stiff you tuned the suspension system.

  3. jagxtrm Guest
    i got the NFS: Most Wanted - Black Edition (for PC)

    5 cds lahat ... 4 cd-rom, 1 DVD (exclusive to black edition) ... requires 3 GB hard disk space (full installation)

    hanep sa graphics!!! kng nalaro mo na NFS underground 2 ... hindi malayo ang gameplay nya. parang NFS underground 2 pa rin cya with added cops, better graphics & cinematics, etc.

    nasa blacklist #14 na ako ... hirap magpataas ng bounty!
    sarap pasabugin yng mga gas stations, destroying towers (parang cell sites), destruction of donut store (where cops usually nagtatambay)... and best of all, ramming on a police vehicle!!!

    sana mas maganda video card ko para nakatodo yng graphic detail ...

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    Apr 2004
    ps2 ko po nilaro... pero i think it would play since nagplay sa akin yun mga new games... kasi ps2 ko na lang nilalaro dahil yun pc ko bugbog na sa photoshop ng kapatid ko...

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    Aug 2005
    just got this today. di ko pa nalaro.. sana ok. based sa mga comments dito mukhang ok naman. sawa na kasi sa underground 2

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    Oct 2002
    getting my copy later

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    Aug 2004
    How is it on the PS2? I felt that the PS2 version of Underground 2 was laggy and slow compared to the PC version. If that's still the case, I might just get the PC version.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Depending on which version you buy, you'll also receive a different technical set of visuals. The PC, GameCube, and Xbox versions display minimal to no flickering or aliasing, while the PS2 version instantly gives away its limitations. Each one holds at a smooth 30 FPS, and there are several instances where breakaway cinematic scenes show off inspiring jump sections. The car models are especially sleek looking too, and EA has added to its car modding menu professional pre-made designs specifically made for each car, so no two are alike. Also, for whatever dumb reason, on the PS2 the camera change option is located under the game option menu, as opposed to on-the-fly camera changing for the other systems. That feels like a mistake.

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    Aug 2005
    got the Ps2 version. graphics were choppy.. still liked NFSU2 or even NFSU better.

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    Sep 2003
    Got my PC copy on last Saturday, reached #7 in the blacklist. Using Logitech WingMan w/ Force Feed Back at set to 1280 x 1024. Volkswagen Golf ginamit ko. Hirap yung bounty, lalo na kung sumali na yung mga Rhino SUVs sa chase, real adrenalin rush!

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