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    Sep 2003
    or how i asked for some samples and got 35 dozens.... thought i might give it a try

    just called up to see if our office could be included in one of their drop offs- marketing gimmick of theirs

    forgot all about it until they called after a few weeks and said they were on their way and asked how many employees we had

    told them 200

    next thing I know reception is calling me saying there's a delivery of dougnuts asking who's Bday treat was this

    35 dozens of original glazed !!!!!

    HR asks who authorized this, IT's first in line for their share, Finance wants to see delivery receipt and krispy kreme people are taking photos of everyone

    when the culprit finally 'fesses up everyone's still in the midst of a sugar rush to mind some dudes sneaking some home

    here's my share

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    Feb 2005
    yay! may krispy kremes na dito sa 'tin. yum! patay sa 'min ng anak ko yan, he he he.

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    Oct 2002
    I was able to get some samples... I thought the donut was too sweet.

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    Deym!! 4 pieces please and a cup of coffee!

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    Sep 2003
    agreed.....might be too sweet for some

    first bite was, then you notice sweetness tapers off while you get the chewiness of the dough and then it melts in your mouth

    guess they made it that sweet so they can sell the coffee

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    Dec 2005
    After a while, they'll be similar to Dunkin' Donuts, Mr. Donut and Gonuts Donut (and Mrs. Fields). They're actually sold at the checkout counters of Target stores out there....


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    Aug 2005
    was able to get some samples too..
    It first time to taste krispy kreme, very soft, sarap kasabay ng coffee. Though I'm not sure if I can consume more than two in one sitting.
    Balita ko 30php daw yung simple donuts like the glazed ones.. more pag yung fancy.

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    Feb 2005
    It goes well with brewed Sumatran coffee - black, no sugar.

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    Sep 2003
    prices are:

    Php 30 ea. or 265/ dozen original glazed

    Php 38 ea. or 335/ dozen assorted

    Php 550 for double deal (dozen glazed & dozen assorted)

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    Oct 2002
    overrated!!!! ok lang siguro na at least matikman kahit once, pero it is still a donut, nothing more, nothing less, masyado lang OA mga ibang kababyan natin na super duper sarap daw, and as if you will miss half of your life kung hinde mo matikman....colonial mentality eh feeling nila pag nakita meron kang hawak na KK eh sosyal ka, remember go nuts donut?

    personally I make it a point bumili pag nasa US, tried it before sa south carolina dahil I think sa NC nag start yun KK, dahil sabi nila iba daw lasa compare pag sa westcoast ka bumili, para sa akin pareho lang lasa sa CA and SC, also tried it sa sydney airport meron doon sa arrival area...ganun pa rin donut pa rin..hehehhe

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krispy kreme field report....