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    Oct 2002
    I didn't like the movie also; the only things that had it going for the movie were the fight scenes (although cheesy din yung ibang scenes like yung naggantihan sila sa huli), and Kiera Knightley Si Arthur parang lasing parati, si Lancelot mukhang giggolo. Okay sana yung mga "historical" references nila,kaso nawala lang sa delivery.

    Should've just watched Mean Girls (Lindsay Lohan!!!) or Around the World in 80 Days. Outvoted kasi kami last Friday as to what to watch.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    Jan 2003
    baka hindi nag basa ng libro yun gumawa......

    napaisip ako nun mag isa na lng c arthur tas biglang bumukas yun big gates den it also closed by itself.

    i think excallibur was found in an icy lake not on his fathers grave.

    PANGET!!!!! sayang yun title

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    May 2004
    ei chip! what do you mean kulang sa development? as in dapt magkaribal si lancelot at guinevere? hehe! the way the movie ended, pwede na rin ang ganong plot. haha!

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    Oct 2002
    From the outset naman, this movie was not intended to be a take on the Fictional Arthur e(Camelot etc). It's supposed to be a movie on Artorius, the man behind the legend.

    I would'nt really say na pangit yung movie. It's quite okay naman. Kaya lang nga, i think i just expected more that's why i'm left a bit disappointed.

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    Aug 2003
    di ko din nagustuhan yung movie!

    1. the saxons invaded from the south not the north. hindi sila mass invasion with grand armies like the movie. they migrated little by little over time. the people from the north were the picts and the scots.

    2. the allies of arthur were the welsh... and they mostly didn't paint themselves and were not as savage as what they were portrayed in the movie.

    3. the armies of rome wasn't recalled in such a short time... it was a gradual process and it was not known for a long time outside britain that the legions of rome are no longer present in the country.

    4. the headquarters of rome was in london and the supposed location of camelot was near present day city of Bath. they were never near Hadrian's wall.

    5. how can you shoot a shortbow from a distant hill and still hit somebody hiding in a tree at the other side of hadrian's wall? shortbow lang yun... buti sana kung composite bow or longbow na gamit ng mga welsh... baka maniwala pa ako.

    6. the only historical character i know in the movie was germanicus, the ex-legionnaire holy man. but his character was also protrayed poorly.

    7. yeah, the fight scenes were good. the cinematography was similar to the warcraft 3 FMVs but they were nowhere near the lord of the rings quality.

    the movie is a total disappointment especially for people like me who has a little bit more background on the story.
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    Nov 2002
    balak ko pa naman panoodin to.

    mean girls na lang.

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    Aug 2003
    one more thing... narinig nyo ba sa entire movie kung ano mga pangalan nung mga saxons? hindi! basta sila yung saxon horde. ngak. kelangan mo pa hintayin sa credits para malaman mo kung sino-sino sila.

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    Mar 2003
    kala ko yung motel sa Pasig hahaha! we'll be seeing the movie tonight. Tomorrow I, Robot naman.

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    Feb 2004
    d ko pa napanood, bka bukas, busy kc sa negosyo ;)

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    Dec 2003
    Hindi ko pa napapanood yang King Arthur pero papanoorin ko yan.Ganda kase nung Excallibur...:D
    Next na papanoorin ko I-robot..Ang lupit kase nung AUDI RSQ Concept..:D

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