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    Oct 2002
    Someone is selling me a

    JVC victor JVC GR-DX97


    For P12,000

    Any info? Ive tried looking sa site pero, hiap intindihin hehehehe

    mura na ba?
    Coming from japan ok lang ba?
    Bakla may ari bigay ng hapon, ok lang ba?

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    Jan 2005
    di ko alam price nya, but make sure before mong bilhin na ntsc compatible

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    Oct 2002
    just to let you know, JVC Service here in the Philippines suck bigtime!

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    Jan 2005
    Like Raine said, check if its NTSC or PAL system.
    Check the exact model - if it has a "U" or "US" - then its a model that was intended to be sold in North America. If not, its for "graymarket".

    I have one of those cams but I dont use it anymore - I forgot the exact model but they are basically the same.

    Some good and bad points:
    digital cam function sucks - pictures are grainy no matter what lighting you use, resolution is toooooooo low

    excellent video capture - very nice

    digital zoom (700x yata yun) is useless. but the optical zoom (i believe its 16 or 18x) is great.

    battery lasts about an hour on average - i would suggest that you get one of the extended batteries.

    i bought one of these about 2.5 years ago - size was "small" with a big 3" screen (medyo natatabaan na ko sa camera na yun, but nagsawa na ko sa video/video editing)

    i really never had a prob with it - although JVCs are cheaper than Sonys, they are still made in Japan - kaya matibay sya, wag mo lang ibabagsak. I took care of my cams kaya wala pa syang gasgas hanggang ngayon, too bad wala pang 4 tapes ang naubos ko don sa cam na yun and i bought it about $850 (that was 2.5 years ago)

    medyo malaki and makapal yung remote but its OK, sana credit card size/thickness para mas madaling i tago.

    overall, for Php 12K, its a steal. just check kung NTSC sya.

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by boybi
    just to let you know, JVC Service here in the Philippines suck bigtime!

    Same with Sony - i broke 2 video cams (actually, they just stopped working) back when i lived there and it took them months to fix 'em. Sony cams are nice but having been through 2 broken cams - it will take a while before i go back buying Sony DV cams again.

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    Oct 2002
    same sentiments with Boybi....a friend's JVC which was bought in US didn't have parts in the Philippines....because that model happened to be a model not released here...

    I suggest you Don't buy it sir.

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    Feb 2005
    I agree with somw of the guys: I recommend you don't buy it (JVC) because there are no parts here. First hand experience. I used to have one, bought in Ikebukuro in 2001. When the the LCD got busted, the guys at JVC here can't repair it because the model I bought is for the Japanese market only.

    Here's a tip to check if the camcorder is for the Japananse market only or not: check the manual and check the markings on the camera. If it's Japanese, then it's for their market only.

    BTW, the JVC GR-DX97 is a 2004 model and it is NTSC. This model is for countries who use NTSC format. But then afgain, I might be wrong.

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    Dec 2003
    its too cheap, something wrong with this deal

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    Apr 2005
    baka nagipit yong bakla o kaya wala syang interes sa video cam. as long as it's NTSC and working fine/slightly used... pwede na siguro yan. cheap.. kasi slightly used, the owner might not be familiar with it, and no warranty. testing mo lang sir kung ok, at tawaran mo pa konti..hehehe

    basa ka rin dito ng review nya:

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by boybi
    just to let you know, JVC Service here in the Philippines suck bigtime!
    very true.

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