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    FIRST PERSON By Alex Magno
    Philippine Star, Tuesday, May 25 edition

    The elections just wouldn?t go away.

    Two weeks after we all trooped to the polls, we are still at it. The local
    candidates have been proclaimed. The new batch of senators should, by now,
    be proclaimed.

    The official canvassing of the votes for president and vice president
    begins today at the Batasan building, with two houses of Congress jointly
    convened to perform this sacred function.

    But this my not be the wind-down of this intense and exhausting contest. It
    might be the commencement of a new, more dangerous phase of confrontation
    between the two main camps that contested the last election. This could be
    the beginning of a new phase of political turbulence.

    My sources in the KNP have confirmed to me that there is frantic
    recruitment and organizing of forces for massive street action intending to
    disrupt the canvassing and abort the proclamation of a winner in the
    presidential contest.

    Although the effort of some sort of aklas-bayan is led by KNP
    personalities, it includes both segments of Eddie Villanueva?s Bangon
    Pilipinas as well as leftwing groups represented by the "Patriots". My
    sources claim they have some support from the military, although I suspect
    these could be no more than the retired generals who have been
    exceptionally agitated from the start of the campaign period.

    Over dinner last Sunday, my friends from the Poe camp warned of a "very
    long week ahead".

    The operating scenario as of two days ago was for the KNP representatives
    to walk out of the Batasan canvassing sometime in the latter half of this
    week. Then all hell is supposed to break loose.

    This all sounds like an insurrectionary plan. But I have strong doubts the
    leaders of this effort have the moral ascendancy, the political competence
    and, most important, the cause to pull this adventure through.

    Given what happens over the next two or three days, this whole effort could
    actually fizzle out. Or, some street confrontations could happen, creating
    enough media events to torpedo investor confidence in our economy.

    The most important ingredient for a rising widespread public indignation
    is absent. This enterprise could be destructive, but it could not possibly

    I have little doubt, however, that the effort is serious. Three malignant
    political streams have converged to create enough energy for an episode of

    The first stream is composed of the more rabid sections of the Poe campaign
    who have convinced themselves the elections have been stolen and refuse to
    accept any other outcome than their candidate being proclaimed. They have
    invested heavily in this campaign and will accept only the capture of power
    for themselves.

    The second stream is composed of communist operatives who are under
    instructions to "deepen the crisis" and form "tactical alliances" even with
    the most moribund political forces. They cannot imagine their nemesis
    Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo winning a just and democratic mandate. That will
    put the Left on the extreme defensive for a very long time.

    The leftist militants have been trying to discredit the electoral process
    from the start in order to produce the predicate for declaring the Arroyo
    "regime" illegitimate and a fitting target of revolutionary rage. That
    effort included bringing in foreign leftwing allies, their lack of
    credentials for evaluating elections notwithstanding, to declare this
    process flawed. Those leftist "foreign observers" ? who did not even bother
    to register with the Comelec ? held that high-profile press conference
    featured prominently by another broadsheet.

    The third stream is composed of the impressionable mob from Bangon
    Pilipinas movement. They are the most uncritical believers of Eddie
    Villanueva who has been behaving quite strangely since the counting began.

    Villanueva has dug himself into a pit of sorts. He used religion to seek
    temporal power. He promised a miracle that did not come about. He massed
    the biggest rallies during the campaign and ended up with the shortest end
    of the count.

    The last few days, Villanueva seems to be in a state of disorientation. He
    seethes with anger at nothing in particular. It appears he is having
    difficulty grappling with his fate.

    This is an unholy convergence.

    Those organizing the protest actions expected over the next few days do not
    expect, deep in their hearts, to invalidate the count and abort the
    process. Short of sparking a civil war, that simply cannot be done.

    The only thing they can do is to poison the mandate of the winner of this
    count. The only thing they can hope for is to taint the legitimacy of the
    country?s leader and create enough basis to leverage and paralyze

    Their only realistic goal is to chip the propellers that drive the ship of
    state, take out some of the wind from the sails of the presidency.

    By damaging the winner, they will end up damaging the nation. By unfairly
    tainting the elections just held, they undermine the credibility of our
    democratic processes.

    In a word, they will burn down the barn of no particular benefit. They will
    raze the ground of our politics and prevent consensus from forming. For
    narrow partisan motivations, they will make the future bleak.

    I wish the more reasonable personalities in the opposition would manage to
    prevail over their more reckless colleagues. But even that is unlikely.
    Some of the more important voices of moderation in that beleaguered camp
    have joined the frenzy.

    It seems we are condemned to enduring the antics of frenzied partisans the
    next few days. But all their perilous propensities will fail to shake
    events off their course.

    The adventurism will enjoy no broad public support. To the contrary, the
    public will welcome a firm response to this infantile plot.

    In the end, an opposition with neither historical nor ideological roots
    will be thrown to the wind and settle in the dustbin.

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