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    Nov 2007
    malakas pa tama ng IV..

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post
    somebody in your family made a fortune (father or grandfather i dont know)

    magaling ang diskarte

    but diskarte is just one thing

    they preserved the wealth (result of good decisions). not everyone who made a lot of money managed to preserve wealth. many squander their wealth (bad decisions)

    not only did your parents preserve the wealth, they grew the wealth (again, result of good decisions)

    and you were born into it

    and you were trained by your parents to make good decisions so you helped preserve and grow your family's wealth

    in short, you were able to enjoy that luxurious hospital stay coz of the decisions you and your family made

    it's not luck

    so don't feel guilty

    it's reward for good decision-making

    pansin mo mga poor they always make bad decisions

    bad decisions on top of bad decisions

    kaya hirap maka escape from poverty
    One thing i was told before was that as we are given the things that put you at an advantage... blessings íka nga (education, a comfortable life, etc.), and thus we are also expected to work and give the same to our children later on. When you share it with others who are in need, you do it properly and wisely (it is better to be the one giving then the one asking right?). I've seen many people (heck, even my own blood-relatives) abuse that kind of goodness and that is what you avoid.

    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post

    shadow quoting bible verses

    dude ok ka lang?
    So, how close to death was Shadow while he was at PGH? Baka maling blood type yung nalagay nga.

    But yes, i get your point that it is good when we realize how lucky we are that we are not amongst the idiots whom politics and media control and monopolize.

    Quote Originally Posted by jansky View Post
    malakas pa tama ng IV..
    Makahingi nga. :D

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    Sep 2003
    ipatawas nyo si shadow........

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    Oct 2002
    natakot lang talaga ako mamatay...lolz hinde naman umabot sa blood transfusion...grabe kayo...malapit na 2012 noh...

    morphine drip eh...sariling control...:rofl:

    "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
    Matthew 11:28

    seriously, can you imagine yourself na nasa hospital bed trying to get strong and yet your mind can't relax dahil hinde mo pa alam saan ka kukuha ng pera pangbayad sa hospital...

    actually discharged na ako second day pa lang pero I opted to stay 1 more day but I really wanted to stay for a week...until mag normalize lahat ng test but I thought I was being insensitive kung papahabain ko pa stay ko dahil watching the news and saw a lot of people can't even bring their children to hospital for proper medical care...dying of dengue, nobody should die of dengue. it's a disease that can easily be manage. and here I am pinapauwi na ng doctor ayaw pa uwuwi gustong gawin hotel yun hospital...

    I really don;t know what happened but lying in the bed for 3 days doing nothing and saw those people in the news..I've put myself in their shoes during that moment and I choked..a tear drop from my right eye...

    If I'm in that situation, really I don;t know what to do...

    I know I'm still the same, I can still be an *sshole but I don't know something happened inside of outlook towards them changed somewhat...especially towards life..damn we may have all the luxuries now but it can easily be gone just like that...


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    Sep 2003
    Anong ospital iyan? Paconfine natin mga politico dun para ma-eye opener din sila...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    morphine drip eh...sariling control...:rofl:
    Mukhang nabigyan ka ng demerol ah.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Anong ospital iyan? Paconfine natin mga politico dun para ma-eye opener din sila...
    Sa PGH daw siya na confine... at malabong malabo na ma-confine ang mga politico natin dyan since malamang takot sila at balikan sila ng mga doktor at nurse na ginulangan nila sa national budget (gusto nga nila mag abroad pa). Dapat nga all public officials and their children can only be confined at the public hospitals and study at the government/public schools. Tignan natin kung hindi ma-improve and healthcare and education system natin.

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    Jul 2003
    I've worked on several research projects on coastal areas in some far flung sometimes NPA infested areas in the country.
    During my first job after graduation was the first time I've seen what a poor family really is.

    Kala ko mahirap kami pero meron pala mas mahirap sa amin hehehe.
    Tapos kung mainterview mo yung mga tao at mga local officials, sasakit talaga ulo mo dahil hindi mo alam kung anung problema ang unang sosolusyunan.

    Ang problema ng kahirapan ay nakapa kumplikado. Sabi ng iba dahil sa corruption o sa edukasyon o populasyon o pollusyon atbp.

    Hayyyy. Isa isa lang, solusyunan ang mabilis na paglaki ng populasyon tapos tsaka na yung iba hehehe

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    Mar 2009
    Asa ka pang sa PGH na-confine yan.

    Sino ba naman 75k na agad bill, tapos gugustuhin pa mag-stay ng isang araw sa PGH.

    St. Lukes, Medical City or Makati Med. yan. Haha.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by robot.sonic View Post
    mukhang may sakit ka pa nga shadow. balik ka sa hospital.
    Tama kayo ni Oliver, baka nasingitan ng ibang dugo!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    Sino ba naman 75k na agad bill, tapos gugustuhin pa mag-stay ng isang araw sa PGH.
    Binayad din niya yung bill ng ibang tao sa floor niya.

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