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    Feb 2003
    Survey lang po to those who have one. What brand is the most "bang for the bucks" Home safety Vault?
    Ideally a medium size 500x350x425mm (external dimension) Fire and burglar resistant vault.

    1. Sentry
    2. Honeywell
    3. Safeway

    All those mentioned above are available in ACE hardware and priced from most expensive to least. Pls recommend one kahit locally made basta maayos naman and places to buy na rin. Thanks.

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    Jun 2006
    Sentry is a fire resistant safe. Duda ako sa burglar resistance ng Sentry, manipis ang bakal. I find Sentry over priced for what you get.

    Try Kingdom safe, made in Thailand yata. I sometimes see this in malls. Or if you are willing to go to Quezon Ave corner Araneta Ave, there is a big store there that specializes in safes. They carry Kingdom, Winchester and Meilink safes. The latter 2 are expensive but worth it. Just make sure to get the manual rotary dial. Forget the electronic number pad, sakit sa ulo yan.

    There are a lot of safes sold in the Binondo area. Not familiar with the prices and quality.

    A local safe manufacturer I can really recommend is Protech. PROTECH :: Protection Technology Inc. :: The Leader in Physical Security Equipment : Safe Deposit, Vault Doors, Home Safe, Filing Cabinets Our company have purchased 2 safes from them. We got the Lord series with the cash drop slot. Its rated both fire and burglar resistant.

    How much is your budget and what do you plan to put inside the safe? Make sure you get something bigger than what you think is enough. You will end up filling it up very fast.

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    Feb 2003
    Thanks for those suggestion..basically just important egal docs..i.e birth certs, TCT, etc....No cash naman pdeng ilagay Cause in my opinion with the proliferation of e-banking and almost all within the blocks banks You really not necessary keeps wads of cash at home. We just had parang realization kse our friends house was gutted by Fire and yun nga parang what if. At least for me the important legal docs should be at least spared or saved. From the looks of it seems mas di hamak na mas okei ang quality ng Protech compare to those available in ACE hardware,

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    Oct 2002
    Another option is to lease a Safety Deposit box at your usual Bank then just buy a small safe to keep your passport and some pertinent documents.

Home Fire Resistant Safes/Vault