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    Sep 2009
    Dearest, Fellow Tsikoteers,
    Please help my cousin "Erwin Talavera" to win this Online Contest;
    at the Top Gear Philippines Website Vote for the lucky dude who will go to Ferrari World - Feature Articles |
    He needs VOTES to win.
    He has been chosen by Top Gear Philippines as a Finalist to Shell V-Power Network of Champions going to
    Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to ride the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World...
    5 People were chosen out of many entries, in which they were told to write a 10 sentence paragraph, if they have the same passion for performance just like the Ferrari/Shell F1 racing team....
    His creative entry for the contest:
    I'm very passionate about cars and racing, nothing beats getting in one and having a drive. I was very lucky as a small kid to get rides to school in my family's own car, the sheer excitement of looking out in awe while the scenery whisks past you with no care in the world. I got a lot of toy cars as a kid, the ones I distinctly remember was a Yellow Battery Operated Volkswagen Beetle, a Black Pontiac Trans Am with lights resembling KITT from Knight Rider and a Red Ferrari. Then I grew up, reading books or magazines or watching TV shows about cars my knowledge grew on how cars worked. I knew then those funny clicking machines at the Gas Station pump unleaded, premium or diesel fuel, stuff I would not know as a kid. I also learned how the Internal Combustion Engine worked, how it takes in air-fuel mixture, ignite it with an electrical spark and then an explosion of energy propelling the piston to drive the power all the way to the wheels. It got better when I learned the true meaning of being a Car Fanatic, speed. Just started watching and reading more stuff about racing, from Tuners to Exotics, the Racing Games opened up much more eagerly getting down on setting up Virtual Cars to perform and look the part. I'm amazed how the professionals do it getting down to skill to make the mechanical/technological part work. Aerodynamics, Handling, Braking and Horse Power; stuff a normal driver need not know but is the true Heart and Soul of racing. When people see a flashy red sports car like a Ferrari, the first thing they always think is it's an expensive fast car. They don't realize that from the beginning, winning races made these sorts of cars, it is what made the Automotive Industry innovate all the stuff we take for granted in modern cars today. Now, Happy and having my own car to drive, I take it my passion and knowledge about these incredible 4 wheeled machines to remain as strong as the pioneers of Automotive History.
    I've known this kid since he was an infant, at an early age he already loved cars; he would always be in the Garage helping my Deceased Grandfather work on his jeep...
    He's already 21 years old now and is still a Passionate Car Addict and a big Ferrari Fan. He is also Graduating this Year, it would be an awesome treat for him to go to Ferrari World, seeing the cars he dreamed of his whole life....
    He's been a good kid and a great guy to family and friends, and he really deserves it so much.

    I really hope you feel the same.
    PS: Watch his funny video by the way, he's really embarrased about it but he hopes it entertains you enough to vote for him.

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    Sep 2009
    Its on the Top Gear Philippines Website as of now, We appreciate your votes!!!

HELP! a young Ferrari Fanatic!